Article Writing 101: How to Use Content to Attract Customers, Clients, and Fans

Article Writing 101Writing great articles helps you build an audience.

And that audience is the foundation for your online business.

It will bring clients to you, instead of you having to go out knocking on doors.

However, producing great content is not just about putting up anything that’s on your mind.

There are things you have to do, and things you should never do.

I’ve learned this the hard way.

And in this article series, you can dive deeper into how you can use writing to attract customers, clients and fans.

The Article Writing Series

  1. 60 Proven Ways to Generate Article Writing Ideas
  2. How to Increase Your Article Writing Speed by 300%
  3. The Secrets of Publishing in the Digital Age
  4. How to Get Inspired to Write in 10 Minutes or Less
  5. Writing Lessons Learned in My First Year of Blogging
  6. So What If You Don’t Write (or Speak) Perfect English?
  7. How I Wrote 20 Articles a Day Doing Article Marketing
  8. 11 Ways to Eliminate Writer’s Block When Nothing Else Works

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But Writing Alone Isn’t Enough

Writing alone will not get you the gold at the end of the rainbow, you need traffic and you need passion, just to name a few critical factors.

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