How Srini Created A Small Online Business in Less Than 24 Months

Canadian Leaf ThingThis is a guest post by Srinivas Rao. I first came in contact with Srini on my first month of blogging. Apparently I caught his attention with my guest posting and commenting campaign.

If you have an online success story of your own, and you write well, I’d be happy to post it. Get in contact with me if you’re interested.

Enjoy the post!

It’s likely that you come up with hundreds of new ideas every single week for something to do with your life, your blog, or your business.

It’s also even more likely that you don’t act on most of them.

Let’s forget about why, motivation and all that nonsense for a moment and take a look at the power of taking action on your ideas.

One Step in the Direction of a Dream

One of the things that stops almost everybody from taking action is that they often have no idea where to start.

But that doesn’t really matter, because where you start is not where you’re going to end up.

In the simplest context of physical reality if you take a step in a direction, you’ll no longer be standing in the place you were at before.

If you keep moving in a different direction then you will end up somewhere other than where you started. Sometimes you have to stop thinking and take the first step even when you can’t see more than one step ahead.

How Possibilities Open Up

Let’s say that you are taking a walk and you’re going in a straight line (which by the way is not necessary to see what I’m talking about).

When you get to a different point on the line, you’ll be looking at the same place from a different perspective. You’ll see things you couldn’t see before. It’s not that they weren’t there, but because of where you stood you couldn’t see them.

Consider this in the context of a goal or dream. After you take the first step, you’ll be looking at the same situation from a different perspective. All of a sudden possibilities that didn’t exist before will open up.

You’ll see things you wouldn’t have seen without taking the first step. If you keep moving, possibilities and opportunities will continue to open up.

A Real Life Example

I started my blog a little less than 24 months ago. It’s been an interesting journey to say the least. I was part of a training course called Blog Mastermind, that played an instrumental role in the growth of my personal brand.

One of the 26 lessons in the course was to go out and conduct interviews with other bloggers.

Before we move forward, I just want to show you what this looks in the context of what I discussed about.

  • Idea: Interview up and coming bloggers and share their story with my blog
  • Action: Reach out to one person or a community and ask people if I can interview them

So, I did exactly that. Every week for the next 15 weeks I interviewed a blogger and had them write a guest post for my blog.

What’s interesting is that the very first blogger I interviewed, a really awesome guy who runs a site called The World’s Strongest Librarian told me “don’t underestimate what this will do for you.”

A Possibility That Didn’t Exist Before

After 15 Interviews one of the guys I interviewed contacted me about taking the interview concept to a completely different level. He wanted to start a separate site where all we did was interview bloggers. Consider the notion that from where I was standing after the first interview, nobody, me included would have seen this possibility.

We would have been blind to it because of where we were standing.

Even if you walk in a complete circle, when you return you will have knowledge you didn’t have before, which changes everything.

  • The result of my taking action on a very simple idea was a site called BlogcastFM. (Update: Srini’s idea has now evolved to Unmistakable Creative)
  • The site has given me the opportunity to interview published authors, multi-millionaires, and some of the most amazing bloggers I’ve ever come across in my life.
  • Today 1000’s of people listen to the podcast on a weekly basis

Moving from idea to action has tremendous power. I’m not sure if you didn’t get the memo or what. Just setting a huge goal does not mean that you have to reach it tomorrow.

So rather than worry about how exactly you’re going to get there, take the first step, and watch how new possibilities start to open up in your life.

Srinivas Rao turns surf sessions into life lessons at his personal development blog, The Skool of Life. He’s also the CEO of Unmistakable Creative.

Photo Credit (CC BY 2.0)

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  1. Hey Srinivas,

    That’s a really cool story!

    You’re totally right about how new ideas, possibilities, and connections open up if you just keep moving forward. I’ve been blogging for almost 4 months and I’m just starting to come in contact with some really cool people!

    Always so much to learn 🙂

    Thanks and have a great week.

    • Hey Sean,

      Thanks for the comments. I think in about a year you’ll be blown away by how much a blog will change your life if you stick with it. If you only focus on money though you wont’ see all the other things that could come from your blog. What you’ll have at your disposal is a global network of inspiring and amazing people to support you in your whole life. You can’t even put a price on that. I hope you’ll check out blogcastFM too 🙂

  2. This is sooooo true. Even the best of plans can change significantly. Perspective makes a big difference and taking action day after day is the only way to grow.

  3. Congrats, Srini!! The first guest post in WUC is something to remember 🙂

    I just wanna tell you that BlogcastFM is the ONLY podcast I listen to in my way work every single day. It helps me improving my English, and the people you (and Sid) interview have stories full of passion and success.

    Keep doing such a great work!

    And thanks Henri for bringing us this fabulous story. You are the man, dude!


    • Javi,

      Thanks so much for your kind words and ongoing support. It’s the listeners like you that make BlogcastFM the community that it is. The greatest reward in doing what we do is knowing that our efforts are having a positive impact on our listeners.

  4. Great success story! I’ve heard of that site many times within the blogging world and can’t believe it was started by someone so new to blogging. Awesome!

    • Marnie,

      Thanks for the comment. Sometimes people think because they are new to blogging they are new to everything. We forget that we’re all experts at something.

  5. Hi Henri,

    Thank you for the story (example) of walking on the line. It was a very strong illustration of the idea of the changing perspective. I really saw it through the way you wrote about it. The idea is not new at all to me, but you gave it so much more value to make me really, literally, see it!

    Thank you so much. I won’t forget this!

    By the way I read your newsletters always with great pleasure. I experience them as very worthwile! I am also a blogger myself, and have for years my own e-zine but it is in Dutch. I don’t think you will be able to understand it.

    Please go on with your articles. Wish you all the best!
    The Netherlands

  6. Bryan Thompson says:

    Srinivas, such an inspiring story, man. And you’re right on. I heard Seth Godin once say that most people have a million dollar idea everyday and walk out the door and do nothing with it. Great work doing what you love and learning how to do it well! It’s a pleasure to meet you.

    • Bryan,

      Thanks so much for the comment. It really is amazing how many people have so many ideas and never take even a single step. I always tell people “just start a blog and start writing something. It will evolve at some point. Don’t worry about what it will turn into since where you start is not where you’re going to end up.”

  7. Great post! And something I really needed “in my face”. I’ve been finding myself stalled, overwhelmed by the necessary steps in many aspects of my life right now. Although I know the importance of taking the first step and shifting energy, I never thought about my perspective shifting with each step. Awesome!

    Peace & Blessings,

    • Tania

      The perspective changes dramatically with each step. What I see now is very different than what I saw a year ago. A year ago I just wanted a blog that would allow me to have some nice side income and get me a job. Today it’s resulted in a global network of inspiring friends, relocation to Costa Rica, speaking at industry conferences, and potential opportunity to leave a mark on the blogging industry. This is the perspective after about a year of taking action on a simple idea.

  8. Thanks Srinivas, for the very inspiring article.

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