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The 8 Core Excuses Standing Between You And Your Dreams

Two hands hanging from a rope on a dark day

We all have our excuses. They feel unique to each one of us, but in reality, we all deal with the same core excuses. Excuses are imaginary walls standing between you and your dreams. They can keep you from writing that book, playing guitar, [Click to continue reading …]

How I Found My Passion (And How You Can Find Yours)

10 Steps to a Thriving Lifestyle Business

A few years back, I didn't know I'd end up doing what I do today. I was making a living playing poker, and I was happy doing that for almost half a decade. Until one day, when I felt like it was time to move on. There was no longer any [Click to continue reading …]

5 Dreadful Doubts I Have When Writing Books (and How I Overcome Them)

Writing Fear and Doubts

Today I woke up with a feeling of dread. Doubt coursed through my veins. Dread blurred my vision, and I felt like staying in bed forever. Then I went to Amazon, which I shouldn’t have done, and saw that one of my books had received a 2-star [Click to continue reading …]

(New Kindle Book) How to Write Nonfiction eBooks: A Proven 17-Step Plan

How to Write Nonfiction eBooks

Do you find the thought of writing a book terrifying? Do you want to write, but you don't know how, or where to start? That's what my next book will help you do. In How to Write Nonfiction eBooks: A Proven 17-Step Plan for Beginners you'll [Click to continue reading …]

7 Lessons Learned from Writing 5 Kindle Books

How to Write Kindle eBooks - It's Not Impossible

I can still remember coming up with crazy short stories when I was 7 years old. I loved writing. I’ve always loved writing. And today, I have the ability to publish what I write, without middlemen. I’ve received quite a few emails about my [Click to continue reading …]

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