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What I Wish People Knew About Starting a Business

Business Man Standing in Front of Arrows

When I was starting my online business, I worried about things that didn’t matter. I got stuck in the details. It was only by taking action that I learned what mattered, and what didn’t. I see this happening with clients, and members in the [Click to continue reading …]

When You Feel Like Nothing is Happening

Nothing Happening in Life - Hands Tied

There are times when I feel like nothing is happening. In fact, I’m in one of those times right now. I don’t feel inspired to do much. I don’t feel like writing. I don’t have ideas for books. I don’t know what to do, or what’s coming. But [Click to continue reading …]

Use This Simple Method to Overcome Anxiety

Rubik's Cube - Get Rid of Anxiety

Everyone experiences anxiety. But do you know how to deal with it? Or how to harness it to your advantage? Anxiety can take over your life, or it can enrich your life. The key then isn’t to get rid of it, but to learn to point it in the [Click to continue reading …]

3 Proven Steps to Dealing with Sadness

Learn to Deal with Sadness

Everyone goes through periods of sadness. Sadness is natural, yet most of us run away from our feelings. When we run away, we fail to uncover the hidden treasures within. Why? Because sadness has something to teach you. It’s here to nudge [Click to continue reading …]

Is Following Your Passion Bad Advice?


Is following your passion dangerous? Should you stop following your heart and just do what is practical? There’s been a lot of talk lately about how following your passion won’t make you happy. I both agree and disagree. I think there's [Click to continue reading …]

Here's How You Can Turn Your Passion into a Thriving Business

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