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Is Your Website’s Lack of Profitability Driving You Crazy?

“This is never going to work”, I told the dog in the most frustrating and bitter tone of voice I could muster up. “Creating a profitable website isn’t possible, because I’ve tried everything, and none of it works!” The dog looked at me puzzled, [Click to continue reading …]

The 11 Things I Learned from 11 Months in Spain

Yup, I’m back in Finland with the snow, reindeers, and polar bears. Okay, we don’t actually have reindeers or polar bears roaming the streets, but everyone seems to think otherwise, so I’m happy to play along. Time seems to be going faster and [Click to continue reading …]

No More Shortcuts

If you want to build an online business, you have to think long-term. Stop looking for shortcuts, and stop trying to force things. Yes, you can build a profitable website around a topic that you love quite fast, but the way to do it is to do the [Click to continue reading …]

How to Be Free, Fulfilled and Live the Life of Your Dreams

Being free, fulfilled, and living the life you’ve always dreamed of living is fantastic, but how many are truly willing to take the steps to achieve it? Are you? Living a life full of passion takes a lot of work. I knew at the age of 16 that [Click to continue reading …]

A Comprehensive Guide to Guest Blogging: The Last Guide You Will Ever Need

Guest blogging is one of the topics I’ve constantly received questions about. I’ve been putting it off, but it’s time I tackle it head on and reveal how I approach bloggers and website owners for a guest post. If you’re completely new to this, [Click to continue reading …]