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The Mysterious 10,000 Hour Rule of Success

The Dreaded Sands of Time

What makes people like Bill Gates, Wayne Gretzky, and Steve Jobs successful? Is it inborn talent, a relentless work ethic, or something else? I’ve always believed it was a little bit of everything (talent, hard work, luck). In the book [Click to continue reading …]

Announcement: 1-On-1 Mentoring Now Open

White Dude Raising Hand

I’ve been thinking about opening my 1-on-1 mentoring for a while now, but I’ve always put it off. However, since shutting down my mentoring, I’ve had readers email me and explicitly ask me if I do 1-on-1 consultations, and if I did, could they [Click to continue reading …]

How Dragos Built a Blog from 0 to 4,875 RSS Subscribers Without Perfect English

Grow Your Blog Audience

I've talked about the unimportance of having perfect English in the past. Dragos is from Romania and while his English is not perfect, his writing is pretty damn good, as you'll soon find out. Enjoy! Blogging is a tough business. With a [Click to continue reading …]

Exactly How I Made $46,305.38 in My First Full Year Online

Get Free or Die Tryin'

(Please note that this post was written in February 2011, so while some of the information is dated, a lot of it is not. I recommend you read the article and then read the more updated articles.) Two years ago I sat on this exact black, office [Click to continue reading …]

How Srini Created A Small Online Business in Less Than 24 Months

Canadian Leaf Thing

This is a guest post by Srinivas Rao. I first came in contact with Srini on my first month of blogging. Apparently I caught his attention with my guest posting and commenting campaign. If you have an online success story of your own, and you write [Click to continue reading …]

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