Are You Missing These Key Steps to Turning Your Passion into a Thriving Lifestyle Business?

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  • How to discover your passion in 10 minutes or less even if you haven’t had any luck in discovering your passion in the past (yup, it really works).
  • What to do when you want to do everything, and you don’t know how to start because there are too many things that interest you (the answer isn’t what you think, it’s much simpler than that).
  • Why just “following your passion” doesn’t work (and what does).
  • How your fears trick you into submission, which keeps you stuck, frustrated and unhappy (and a simple mindset tweak that will set you free).
  • How to figure out exactly what your audience wants and give it to them (so you can make a great living while you delight your readers).
  • How to come up with products that people will not only love, but make people come back for more, so you don’t end up wasting months (or years) of your time.

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“Unlike many in this space who emphasise getting fast money as a goal, Henri makes a refreshing change because he focuses on passion and lifestyle.

Not only does he talk the talk but he lives these values and that comes across in his clear, fun, easy to consume content.
Definitely a blogger on my ‘recommended’ list!”

Chris Garrett, Canada
Co-Author of ProBlogger

“Henri doesn’t peddle the same B.S. as others do in the self-help and online business blogosphere. Instead he advocates hard work, dedication and focus.

He makes you forget about “magic bullets” and focus on what really matters. I gotta say – it’s quite a refreshing change from the usual!”

Ian Nuttall
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The truth is, I think I’ve learned more from you than from anyone else. Anything that you see on the blog that looks good, you can take credit. Anything that’s not good just means I still have a lot to learn.”


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