5 Proven Ways to Get Traffic to a Brand New Blog

As a beginner, I’m sure you’ve noticed the overwhelming amount of information out there when it comes to getting traffic to a new blog.

I’m here to give you all the essential information you need to succeed. To put it in more detail: in this article you’ll get five traffic generation strategies that have been proven to work.

How well they work is completely up to you. Stop looking for the magic bullet. Buckle your seat belt and step on the gas.

You’ll never get anywhere if you keep looking for the best way to get traffic, because everyone has different preferences.

Worst of all, you often bump into people who don’t know what they are talking about, which ends up costing you a lot of time.

With all that said, if you want more traffic, here’s what you have to do:

1. Content

Before you go out and tell people about your blog, you have to get it in order, which means writing at least five great posts, preferably more. Make the best first impression you are capable of making.

This doesn’t have to be hard. This doesn’t have to be something you procrastinate on for months. Just do your best and go from there.

Get started and tweak as you go. It’s not about perfection, it’s about results, and you won’t get any if you don’t take action.

Action Plan:

  • Find the pain points of your audience by browsing forums, blogs and being observant
  • Write five great posts to prepare new visitors
  • Write backup posts for a rainy day when you don’t feel like writing

2. Commenting

After your blog is filled with awesome articles, look for blogs related to your niche. Anything that has people reading that may be even remotely interested in what you write about is okay.

The amount of blogs you comment on is up to you. In order to stand out with your comments, do the opposite of everyone else. If you see everyone leaving “great post!” comments, leave one that is long and valuable.

Action Plan:

  • Subscribe to as many blogs you feel you can read
  • Leave a high-quality comment whenever a new post is published
  • Delight not only the blog owner, but the readers as well with your comments

3. Article Marketing

Commenting gets your blog off the ground, but after a while it isn’t really worth it. That’s when you upgrade your ammunition and jump to article marketing.

In order to keep it simple, write and submit to the biggest article directory: EzineArticles. You’ll get links and direct traffic. The more you write the more you’ll get.

There’s no secret formula. The more you do, the more traffic you get. Test what works, and eliminate the rest.

Action Plan:

  • Write as many 300-400 word articles per day as you can
  • Submit them to EzineArticles
  • Write great headlines
  • Write a compelling resource box

4. Connecting

You should connect with other bloggers and people as soon as possible, but it isn’t always realistic to do right away without overwhelm, which is why it is number four.

Start simple and with one social media network. Start with Twitter.

Forget about Facebook and all the other social media sites. The more you add to your plate, the more distracted you’ll be.

Connecting with others has helped me fuse rock-solid partnerships, get links and best of all, make awesome new connections I never even thought were possible over the internet.

Action Plan:

5. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is my secret for growing my blog from 0 to 1,012 subscribers in 101 days. It’s almost identical to article marketing, but instead of submitting your article to an article directory, you submit it to a blog.

If it gets approved, you get a blog post with byline, which means links and traffic for you. The only reason I suggest guest posting last is because you have to build your blog and improve your writing.

If you have a completely fresh blog that doesn’t look too good, chances are your guest posts will be turned down, unless they are amazingly good. Show bloggers that you’re serious. Show them that you’ll be here in a few years and the response will change.

Action Plan:

  • Find a few small blogs in your niche or ask someone you already know
  • Send them three relevant, great headlines as a pitch for a blog post
  • Be nice, short and clear in your initial e-mail

Keep It Simple and Take Action

When you’re getting started, you will get overwhelmed, confused and frustrated.

Minimize these blog-killers by keeping everything simple. Use the strategies I’ve outlined above and stop learning more until you’ve made them work.

Everything you need is in this article. If you fail to get traffic to your blog, you have no one but yourself to blame. I have personally used the strategies above to get this blog off the ground, so I know they work.

Keep it simple and always focus on taking action, even if it means not having a clue about what you’re doing. You’ll learn as you go.

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  1. Henri,

    This is rock solid advice. I’ve seen how you’ve grown in such a short time and I think this stuff applies to traffic regardless of how new your blog is. I will say this, I would prioritize content and relationships above all things. By forming relationships with the right people in your niche you will get influential subscribers. Obviously you should be genuine about forming those relationships and enjoy that blogger’s writing.

  2. Hey Henri,

    Great tips – and I would say it’s not just for new blogs. Even for established blogs, article marketing and guest posting helps with traffic and SEO 😉

    I like your point about keeping it simple. I think too many people get caught up with trying different tricks and tactics to get new subscribers – but in the end, it’s just about the fundamentals: content and promotion =)

  3. Archan Mehta says:


    The tips you have mentioned really work, because I have been reading your blog, guest posts and comments on other blogs/websites for quite a while now.

    You have a tendency to “walk your talk,” which enhances your credibility.

    I look forward to the day when your blog achieves the coveted 10,000 mark. I know for sure that even seasoned bloggers dream of achieving that milestone.

    I don’t think this is a pipe-dream: I feel high reading your writing even without the dope! It is achievable. Just a matter of time. Move forward, we believe in you!

    • If I can keep blogging for long enough, I have no doubt I will at some point reach the 10k mark. Hopefully sooner than later. While it isn’t the end-goal, it’s always a fun milestone 😉

  4. Hey. Do you know why guest posts arent really successful for me?

    • Impossible to say without more data. I think I answered an e-mail from you on this subject, so you may want to re-read that.

  5. Definitely a good approach here Henri. Ultimately you want to have great content on your own blog and reach out to others with something good to offer. With that in mind, keeping at it for the long haul is what I feel really gets the job done. Just doing it today, tomorrow and maybe next week is what will cause you to fall flat on your face.

    Would you agree?

    • Yup, you have to be in it for the long-term. It took most big bloggers over two years to finally become somewhat big, so I think that 24-36 month mark is what you want to aim for.

  6. Good luck! 🙂

  7. Thanks for this post! I now see that I need to move on to the next step, that being Article Marketing.

  8. The greatest roadblock to getting a blog (or anything else for that matter) up and running is waiting until everything is perfect. After dithering about for longer than I care to admit, I finally just plunged in and committed to making 30 posts in 30 days. I moved the blog to a new platform and host and still have to get more pieces of it in place. Seeing your comment that having a time frame of 24 to 36 months is realistic helps.

  9. great advice..guest posting and commenting gets you more than traffic.you also build a relationship with other bloggers. this could lead to other greater things. I am still yet to start article marketing. You did not mention forum posting? By the way, which do you think would be more effective, guest posting or forum posting?

    • Guest posting without a doubt. I haven’t done much forum posting. I’m sure it works great if done right. The point I was making in this article is that you don’t have to do everything.

  10. Hi Henri-
    Thanks for the tips- the one thing I haven’t tried is ezine article posting- something I will begin to try this coming month.
    In your opinion, at what point, as far as daily visitors, is it time to quit your day job and focus full-time on your site?

    • I would quit my job when I was making more than enough money to pay for rent, food and such.

  11. Niclas Johansson says:

    Hi Henri, fellow Swede here 🙂

    I just found your blog, and I’m loving the content so far – it’s in my RSS reader and I’ll be sure to come back often!

    A question on this post. A well-established “truth” seems to be that blogs/blog posts of the kind like “how to…”, “top 10 points of…” etc are the ones that are most suitable for attaining visitors / revenue, right?

    I, on the other hand, am modeling my video blog on Gary Vaynerchuk and the winelibrary.tv “style” – sans the outrageous tv-personality 😉 – he has the big subject of wine whereas I want to cover “gourmet food and bar culture”. What me and him have in common is the goal of creating brand equity rather than the direct revenue from affiliate ads etc. He built (builds) the WineLibrary brand by sharing knowledge, I want to do the same for Bar-deli. But still I want lots of traffic, of course!

    So, my question is basically – what difference do you see in these two approaches, and how can they best be combined for best result?

    Cheers! /Niclas

    • Heya Niclas,

      I’d just say to go with your gut and do what you feel best about. Later on you can track your results and see what works best.

      As long as you’re happy, you’ll keep adding content and being consistent, which is crucial!

      • Niclas Johansson says:

        Thanks for the speedy reply – I’ll be (happily!) out there adding content, be sure of it! Mind you, I’m also building the offline part of the business at the same time, with more traditional sales/marketing/branding methods. It’s an exciting world! 🙂

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