The Most Empowering Post You Will Ever Read

The world seems to be falling apart.

Your life, your emotions and everything seems to be in a state of flux.

When you’re in a storm, you feel like it’ll never end, but deep down you feel change approaching.

I know you want to do what you love full-time. I know you’re scared and I know you’re overwhelmed. I know this because I’ve been where you are.

I’m not saying this to show you that I am somehow superior. I am saying it to show you that this is possible. You can do what you love and live a fulfilling life.

It may not be the easiest thing in the world, but if you’re determined and most important of all, passionate, you will succeed, if you keep going.

There seems to be so many mistakes you can make. The fear can be overwhelming. Should you go left, or should you go right?

Not Being Good Enough

Most of us grew up in a society that pointed out our flaws with a red highlighter. We were raised to feel inadequate. We could always have done better at school. We could’ve won that competition in high school. Victories were never dwelled upon and enjoyed for long enough.

This leaves you with the feeling that you have nothing to contribute. You start wondering how one person can make a difference? Who do you think you are believing that you can make a dent in the vastness that is the universe?

Do you want the truth?

You can make a difference. It is your duty to do what you love, because that in and of itself will have an impact in the world. What would happen if everyone stopped trying? How would the world look? Would you want to live in a world like that?

There is no better time to follow your passion than now. The media is crumbling. The world is changing. The only reason you see so much negativity around you is because of the friction between new and old, but just like doing some spring cleaning, the house looks messier before it gets cleaner.

The Fear

The universe is not a random place. Look around you. Look at nature. Look up at the stars. You see patterns, shapes and breathtaking phenomena. I am not here to argue. I am here to tell you what I believe and feel to be true.

The fear that is in our lives will always be there to a certain extent. The lizard brain within us is programmed to look out for us, and to make sure we survive. It’s there to help us, but it’s confused, because everything is changing so fast.

You now can follow your passion and do what you love. It’s not easy, but you can do it. There are plenty of excuses you can make. In the end, it all comes down to how badly you want it.

This blog is living proof of the fact that it can be done. I am not making tens of thousands, yet, and that isn’t my primary goal. I am not special. I am not a genius. I do what makes me happy, and I focus on my strengths.

There are things you are much better at than I am, and there are certain aspects of life you feel drawn towards. That is your calling and your passion.

The Fun

Nowhere does it say that you have to be perfect. The belief that mistakes are bad is something that has to go. It no longer has a place in our life.

Look at children. They explore, experiment and have fun. Little Jimmy is fine with falling down, making a mess and making tons of mistakes. He loves doing new stuff, and doesn’t have qualms about taking a break and eating some snow.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to find your passion or already on the path. What matters is that you focus on the process, on the experience.

You will be afraid of missing out, not making money and screwing up. That’s to be expected. It’s easy to get caught in the drama of life. When you strip all of that away, you end up with the essential.

There’s a reason living a minimalist life is growing in popularity. We, the human race, are slowly realizing that what we’ve been taught throughout the years has been false. We’ve been lied to, and it’s time to stand up and reclaim our power.

The Overwhelm

As with any new venture, you will be overwhelmed. When this happens, take a deep breath and relax. There is no rush.

I understand that you want to leave your day job, but you have to realize that everything happens in its own time. When you breathe and allow everything to be, you tap into the flow of life.

I consider Power of Now to be essential reading if you’re a living, breathing human being. It changed my life by showing me what being present is like.

There’s a ton of stuff to do. The only way you’ll get over that is by eliminating the clutter and focusing on the essential. What I’ve found is that as I take each step, more of my path is unraveled.

We want to know everything that is going to happen to us, but think about that for a moment. Do you really want to have a crystal ball and know exactly what’s coming? I certainly don’t.

Life is an adventure, and without challenges, where’s the fun? There are good times and there are bad times, but that is part of the reality we live in. It is the yin and yang of the universe. Everything has its opposite, otherwise you could not experience what we call life.

The Work

Doing the work is hard. Your mind wants to procrastinate and avoid it at any cost. This is why so many people are still working their 9-to-5 jobs. It’s comfortable, convenient and safe.

The bad news is that it isn’t going to lead to happiness, and it certainly isn’t going to help change the world, in most cases.

I have this grand view of making an impact on the world. If I can positively influence one person, that is enough. I intend to keep writing and sharing my perspective of life for as long as I feel compelled to do so.

There is nothing you have to be in order to make a difference. You are already what you’re supposed to be. I know this concept is hard to grasp, because we’ve been taught to strive and pursue. I’m here to tell you that you can stop, and just be.

The Joy

The joy is what we’re all looking for without realizing it. You’re on the brink, and I’m here to push you into a new reality. You don’t have to know where you’re going.

Many people e-mail me and ask me how they can guarantee success. It isn’t possible, and it isn’t necessary. Life isn’t about having a million dollars or driving the car of your dreams to pick-up your soul-mate.

Life is about learning, growing, sharing and connecting. This is what ultimately matters. Money, stuff and fluff is something we’ve been taught to chase. The stuff that matters isn’t profitable, so no one is trying to force it upon you, and in most cases, it is hidden from us.

The Passion

Just the fact that you are willing to try is an example to the rest of the world. Even though you feel confused and uncertain, you’re sending a message to the world. You’re saying that you are enough, and that there is something else out there.

No longer do you have to accept the rules of society. Why should you uphold something you didn’t agree upon in the first place? It’s easy to get in line and wait, but it is far more rewarding to follow your heart and see where it leads you.

The practicality of it all doesn’t matter. If you know where you’re going and what you want, you’ll get there. It all depends on you.

Life is unpredictable. That is what makes it fun.

It’s a rollercoaster ride that’s fascinating, enjoyable and exhilarating for some, but also tremendously frightening for others, yet we’re all on the same ride.

It’s all about perspective. You can do what you want. I am here to tell you that there is no longer anyone to stop you from doing what you want, except yourself.

You are enough.

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  1. butterfly says:

    I have often thought I was never good enough especially at love, nonetheless, I guess that is what keeps me challenged in many things I do. Great post.

  2. Henri,

    These are definitely some extremely empowering ideas. Not being good enough is something so many of us who are now at the forefront have wrestled with. It’ almost synchronicity that you wrote this because I was just working on a post about the flawed pursuit of a life that looks good on paper. I’ve been going through the power of now over the last week and I would agree that it’s essential reading. I think it takes more than one listen or read through to truly understand the importance of it. For the first time history we have the ability to take control of our lives in a way that we never could, so there is a tremendous opportunity to make change the world, live passionately, and make money doing it. Awesome stuff as always.

    • I’ve read the Power of Now 4-5 times and I’m re-reading it again. Each time you read it, you get something new out of it.

      We do have a great opportunity in front of us, we just have to get out of our own way and get started!

  3. “It is your duty to do what you love.” I’d never looked at it that way, but why not? We tend to struggle so much to find our purpose in life, and then when we feel in our gut that our purpose aligns with using this talent that also energizes us, we start feeling we “can’t” because it’s too risky, too silly, etc. But, it’s only by answering the call of duty that our passion comes through and touches others. I’m glad you answered your own call to duty.

    • Yes! The important thing is getting started. I stress that so much, because it matters so much more than getting everything perfect!

  4. Wise and beautiful words Henri. This really moved me and reminded me I am going in the direction that feels right for me even if I am not sure where it will lead .. I read every word.
    Ps – ‘the power of now’ is such an insightful book…

    • Thanks Jen! I’m glad to see you feeling well and rocking your blog. Sometimes we need those little reminders to tell us that we are okay, even though we don’t feel like it.

  5. Wow, Henri, just Wow! You certainly have a way of words this morning. This post was so motivating and empowering.

    Thank you for sharing this post as I needed to really hear this during my early Monday morning at work.


    • Thank you for reading, Karen!

      This post just came out of me. I barely had to do any editing. It came straight from the source, you could say 😉

  6. Kick ass Henri!

    My favorite part: “Life is unpredictable. That is what makes it fun.” That is so spot on. Maybe while something crappy is happening we don’t see that everything’s ok. But usually after the fact, it’s all good. And sometimes the seemingly crappy times turn out to be really fun.


    • *nods head*

      It’s so easy to fall into a rut when life isn’t going your way. I am the same way, but we have to keep going, because in the end, like you said, it’s all good!

  7. We are our own worst enemies because we believe we can’t do something and therefore we actually don’t do it which makes us believe even more that we can’t do it.

    • The secret formula for me has been to just do it. The more I prove myself wrong, the more confident I become!

  8. Archan Mehta says:


    Thanks for another fabulous post: you are a wizard with words and ideas

    “The body is perishable, but the soul is immortal.” It’s an ancient belief.

    Our society conditions us to chase after the pleasures of the body. Instead, we should focus on the spirit, which provides us with bliss.

    Bliss is a conscious state of awareness which does not depend on external trappings of power and influence, like grades, trophies and awards.

    You can’t win or lose in a competition which does not exist. You don’t need to defeat your enemy to move ahead in life. You just need to go with the flow.

    And that flow is to be found in the inner being, which is your center and which also centers you. Meditate daily on this and the rest will fall into place. Dwell within and what is external will cease to matter. This has been my experience. Cheers!

    • We are more than what the eye perceives, I couldn’t agree more on that! It’s okay to have material things, but be wary of becoming attached to them. That’s hard, I know, because I really like my computer 😀

  9. Hey Henri, I really connected with “Being Overwhelmed”. Especially when first starting off any “small business”. There are so many things to do, and definitely not enough hours in the day, it gets really overwhelming, but once I start to break it all down, put all my focus on one task…it starts becoming much more clear.

    All the best,


    • Breaking it down and focusing on one thing you can do right now is what has gotten me through some of the roughest times.

      Keep rocking, Parker!

  10. Hey, I’m not sure exactly how i found this blog but im definitely happy that i did. Ive just been going through the archives and the content is having a profound effect on me. Considering you have done what im now trying to do (Quit playing as a professional poker player and start a web business) alot of what you have said i can relate to fully.

    Im not sure how busy you are but i definitely think we should get in contact, you remind me alot of myself and i think we have very similar personalities judging by some of the things you have said about yourself.

    Take care and congratulations on having such an awesome blog.

    – Andy

    • Glad to hear it, Andy! It’s funny how poker is a stepping stone for some people. I’m glad you’ve heeded the call of your heart to move on.

      And thanks for leaving your first comment. I appreciate! 🙂

  11. Reta Davis says:

    Henri, thank you for another helpful post. You are wrong about one thing, though, you are special.

  12. I truly like and agree with what you’ve had to say here Henri. Especially about us being the only ones who are going to stop ourselves. Life CAN get in the way but it’s up to us to find a way to make the life we want to happen happen.

    It’s a simple process that we have tried to complicate only because life DOES get in the way and therefore we want to believe it’s not possible but it truly is.

    Great article man!

  13. Great post. When you make that first step, when you show that you are willing to take a risk and make a change in your life, that’s the moment things start turning in your favor fast. And no, no one can guarantee success, but the more you are frightened of something in the begining, the better and bigger your experience will be.

  14. Jerry Taylor says:

    Henri, I so enjoyed this writing. It really puts everything where and how it should be in our Brain. Thank You very much. Jerry


  16. I’ve been to your blog before, but this post didn’t catch my attention. I have no idea why. A couple of weeks ago I started following your work again and I’m finding real gems here on a regular basis. And this post is just brilliant! It resonates so much with the way I’m trying to live my life. I love the “your enough” part so much. It’s something I’ve recently realized and it’s starting to make a difference in everything I do. People just don’t realize that we may not have all the knowledge or the skills needed to succeed but all we need to reach the start is still within all of us.
    Thank you for that post!

  17. Wow, I am bookmarking this post to come back to whenever I need some inspiration to keep going…well done! 🙂

  18. Henri, thanks for retweeting this post, it really is a powerful one. Thank you for sharing such valuable writing and ideas!

  19. How does a person even begin to figure out by the time they are 50 and struggling alone after spending their whole life doing for the responsibilities that I had. I can’t even figure out what I want to be when I grow up. And I don’t mean that as a joke, I just did what I had to do. I am so glad to find this site although not to sound so negative, I am not foulish enough to think I can find all my answers in a week, but it feels great just to have someone to be perfectly honest with. I hope you don’t think this is just one big pity party. I struggle very quietly and silent with my purpose. I know it is probably kicking me in the knees, but I am really having a hard time feeling it. Thanks

    • Hey Lana!

      No worries at all. We are all on our own path.

      The best advice I can give you is to take things one step at a time. Do what you can do right now and what feels good. You will probably run into resistance because you’re revamping your whole view and way of interacting with life.

      You can always get in touch with me with more specific problems and we’ll see what we can do.

  20. christina says:

    Dear Henri,

    Thank you for this site- it is refreshing. Like most I have also read many self development articles, books you name it. At one stage in my life I was working for a company who put on events for the big “names” in the personal development business, so I was lucky enough to observe many as part of my “training”. Yep…I have walked over hot coals, …well you all intuitively know the rest. I have learned a lot, but discarded a lot to, as you say it is a dynamic process. I love the quote be Einstein who said that “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds” or words to that effect. Boy have I had my fill of “violent opposition”..of course, that only comes from a place of “fear”, but it has sometimes been a very rough journey.
    I have stayed the course, the path over thirty years and am about to enter another transition. Keeps life exciting. The “violent opposition” was indeed, as Einstein pegged it…and I did not see it coming. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, doing great work with teaching children. Untraining disabling paradigms!!! But the greatest lesson was that this work can be best done with kindred spririts. The competitive model of teaching, (which is dominant) has trained, hypnotised some to the point that “we” including all kindred spirits here, can be open to attack (because of being open and vulnerable and being ourselves) I only raise this point, because finding your “tribe”, as I know now, is of paramount importance when you are on the path.

    I am a teacher and writer, my “rewards” for teaching young souls, though I do not seek the rewards, may come sometimes years later. When former students come to my house, shining examples of good human beans, and we talk of the “lessons”. None of those chats involve “content” all of them involve skills for life. Or thanks you for “seeing” the world as you do, or “you told me to go for my dreams” Very Cool.

    The hardnuts, the naysayers, some particularly “violent” in their intent, are everywhere and very attracted to those are positive souls. Echhardt Tolle’s, Power Of Now, was crucial… it also came at the right time in my recuperation, (I was exhausted -negative people if you are surrounded by them will suck out all your energy) If there is a problem he said, change it, accept it, or leave, all else is “insane”….yup very simple.

    I left and continued my work, on my own terms, with all the freedoms to teach the real work!!! Results have been astounding… (not gold stars and marks on pages)

    You know the saddest thing in my life, is I witnessed first hand, a teacher, who thought she was doing good, by badgering a young man to go for better results, results, and even when he got them, she continued to put him down. She was asleep…. the result was that this young man took his own life, and then a young and sweet new teacher, was badgered by this “competitive” crap and broke down…(I had left this place by then)
    The moral of this story. I could see all this coming…intuitively…made a meeting with the principal to tell him that the outcomes would be disastrous….(others who had been teaching for 30 years did not speak up) I was only a fulltime temp… BUT I got those phone calls from others weeks later who told me the news…how did I know? Shining a light is important, I just wished I had had some time with the two who were “sold” on the prevailing and damaging paradigm, and who did not get a chance to speak…. we all are on the path to helping those who “don’t see” yet!!! Lessons. I was meant to learn these sad ones… Keep up the great work. It is vitally important.

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