Why Some People Almost Always Get What They Want

This is Part 2 of the Law of Attraction for Conscious People Series.

The time was 12:10 on a sunny Saturday in Málaga, Spain.

I had just been to a Chinese acupuncturist. As I sat there on the train on my way home, I couldn’t help but look up at all the people around me.

Some of them were looking out the window. Some of them seemed to be deep in their thoughts. Some were smiling for no apparent reason.

What is it that determines if we get what we want? Is it God? Is it karma? Or is it just some unseen force that we have no control over?

We all have our own, unique challenges. There’s a reason you have the challenges you have. They are there to nudge you to grow. The sooner you can accept that, the faster you’ll get through it.

Getting what you want has multiple layers and includes several variables. It isn’t just about what you think, but that is a big part of it. There are common denominators among those that almost always get what they want.

It isn’t magic. It’s about connecting with who you are, getting clear on what you want and taking action. With that said, here are some characteristics I’ve identified in people that use the Law of Attraction effortlessly.

1. Honesty

In the past, I wanted to test the Law of Attraction, so I started visualizing a blue BMW and it didn’t work. But I realized that I wasn’t being completely honest with myself. Deep down, I didn’t want a BMW, nor did I need one. When you discover your passion and purpose, you can come from a much more powerful place and know what you really need.

For example, I have discovered that I am passionate about helping and connecting with like-minded souls. Every day I manifest new people and resources that seem to come out of nowhere and want to help me. This is the Law of Attraction at work when you’re aligned with who you are and when you aren’t just following automatic programs configured by your culture, society, friends and family.

2. Gratitude

If you aren’t happy with what you’ve got, you probably aren’t going to be happy with anything else. Gratitude isn’t just something that magically happens, you have to practice, consciously. Meditate, think about what you’re grateful for and be present in the now.

I like to feel my whole body and breath. In fact, I am doing it right now. You know you’re doing it right when you feel energized, happy and loved. Your feelings may differ, but this is what I feel right now. Be grateful for what you have and you shall receive even more.

3. Intention

I’ve noticed that the Law of Attraction works better when your intentions will benefit the whole of the human race. When I played poker, It felt like a constant uphill struggle. I was making money, but I was only benefiting myself. As I moved to other venues of giving and helping, it felt like I’d stopped trying to paddle upstream. Instead I had turned my stuff around and was going with the flow.

My intention now is to help as many people as possible and connect deeply with the right people. This is an intention that is meant to benefit everyone. It is an intention that people can rally around. It’s not about me doing this alone, because without you, nothing would happen. You are integral to my mission, so why not join in? Start acting on your inspiration, it is your duty as a citizen of planet Earth.

4. Commitment

If you want the Law of Attraction to work, you have to be ready to take action and act on whatever comes your way. Usually there isn’t a logical path to getting what you want, which is why you have to trust your inner guidance.

Burn all your bridges. Do or die. If you cannot say that to yourself, you probably aren’t following your passion and purpose. If you aren’t serious, no one will help you, because they know you’re just going to run off as soon as the next shiny thing comes around.

5. Courage

You will need to exercise courage if you’re following your path. Our body and mind likes the way things are, it’s comfortable, which is why it can be hard to grow and move past the illusionary wall of fear. When you have a purpose, it all fades away, and you overcome your fears.

I know that I am doing what I love and that my purpose is to help and connect. I run into fear all the time, but I know it’s part of the game. I am supposed to be doing this and I want to be doing this, which gives me determination and courage to move forward.

Fear will always be there. It’s a good thing. It puts up a wall that stops those that aren’t really serious and committed. If you know you’re on the right path, then you have no reason to stop.

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  1. Henri… Really good article and these are things I’ve been dealing with for some time now. Many of the points you’ve made, I’ve had to come face to face with over the past couple of years and ask my self some honest questions.

    The answers have lead me to blogging and here right now.

    I’ve just recently started taking the last 10 minutes of my day and just thinking about everything I’m thankful for in my life. There is so much and I’m fortunate to have what I do.

    Great stuff Henri, thanks

    • That’s excellent, Jason!

      Just doing a simple gratitude exercise at the end of every day can affect your mood when you make up, at least it has done so for me many times. I’m sure blogging will have a lot in store for you if you stay with it, even when it seems like nothing is happening.

  2. Henri, I felt exactly the same way when I played poker. The only reason the uphill struggle wasn’t so bad was because I surrounded myself with other players that shared my passion for analytical debate. So, in a way, I was helping people while still trying to exploit others and benefiting myself.

    It’s hard to keep that up though. Sometimes you just have to stop and ask yourself if this is honestly how you’d want to live the rest of your life. Once I figured out the answer was “no”, it was much clearer to see other avenues I could invest my time that would be more rewarding.

    (but it’s still all about the “purple” in some aspect… hmmm, reload bonus on Stars? LOL)

    • I was the same way. I did for a few years and enjoyed the strategic aspect and camaraderie between poker players, but after a while it just wasn’t enough and I asked myself THE question.

      No more reload bonuses, please 😀

  3. Niall Harbison says:

    As long as you are doing what you love the monetary things don’t really matter that much. You can chase them as much as you want but they are not what make you happy 🙂

    • Agreed! It feels like I still have to put up disclaimers here and there so people don’t go crazy, quit their job and end up broke, but that’s almost how I did, so who am I to stop people? Do what you love and if you can’t figure out how to monetize, talk to someone who can help you!

  4. Oleg Mokhov says:

    Gratification is a crucial step for the law of attraction.

    It acts as the foundation. After all, if you can’t utilize and be happy with what you currently have, then how can you expand from it? Not being grateful means that the foundation is unstable.

    Great exploration of the law of attraction and being conscious about it, Henri. I like your focus of using it as a tool to find what’s important to you and get more of that, rather than tricking yourself into wishing for a fancy car or house (which is what some people think “this nonsense” is).

    • Thanks for commenting, Oleg!

      Sometimes we need cars, but often not. I mean, I’ve never had the need for a car. It becomes especially apparent if you can plan ahead of time where you can live and so on.

      Of course, if you’d like to live in the countryside you may need a car. Hmm, I think I’d like the countryside, but I don’t like to have a car. Minimalism!

  5. This is a really gorgeous blog, the blue is very calming. I too have tried to follow the philosophy of The Secret Laws of Attraction and then I forgot I was following it. I definitely need to get back to that mind frame. Thanks for reminding me.

    • Thank you! Blue is very calming and is one of the reasons I like it so much. I’m glad you took something out of this article 🙂

  6. Brett - DareToExpress.com says:

    Unlike some people, I don’t believe in this mystical “law of attraction” stuff. It’s bogus.

    However, by focusing your mind on what you want and actually removing yourself from the outcome, you always do better. That way, what you want comes to you easily.

    You removed outcome dependence by being gracious. You changed your focus to focusing on your path by being committed and being courageous.

    Here’s the question I’d really like to see answered: what if you worked hard, saved up money, and bought the BMW (because we all know that if you were dedicated enough you’d be able to save up the money)? Would you say the Law of Attraction worked? And, if it did, wouldn’t that prove the Law of Attraction as fallible because you didn’t want the BMW in the first place?

    Seems like ex-post facto reasoning to me.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Brett!

      The answer for your question is “I don’t know”, all I know is that the Law of Attraction works for me and that is all I need to know. For me, the Law of Attraction basically boils down to your thoughts, focus and taking action. Every thought you put out has an impact on what happens.

      Often when people want to challenge the Law of Attraction they are already using it in their own way, but it is the mystical aspect that bothers them. Do what works for you and discard the rest, as long as you get the results you want.

      • Brett - DareToExpress.com says:

        I didn’t realize the Law of Attraction was some kind of religious dogma that had to be accepted. Yeah, I can use it in my own way, but it’s FULL OF HOLES. In fact, it’s just a spiritual rip-off of Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, we included a principle VERY similar to the Law of Attraction, but actually had step-by-step guides to achieving your dreams besides relying on the Law of Attraction, which he called by its proper name – “DESIRE”.

  7. You have put some great thought into this 2-part post. Some things about the LOA seem to work and then some don’t without the proper techniques. I think you have filled in some missing pieces here.

    I have had work and times in my life where everything was easy and it usually involved work that helped a larger cause. I felt like I soared on eagles wings, and accomplished great things without fatigue.

    Then, I have also had work for greedy difficult people and nothing goes right. The stress level around greed and single win situations makes everything difficult to the tenth power.

    Nice work here.

    I do love the south of Spain. The people, the food, the wine, the olives and the Mediterranean sea are captivating.

    • The south of Spain is indeed an awesome place and best of all, it’s a lot warmer than northern Sweden! 😉

      Thank you so much for commenting, Erin!

  8. Henri,

    I’ve wavered back and forth on my beliefs about the law of attraction and getting everything you want. But, after committing myself to all of the things I want, taking action and really working towards it I do believe that the law of attraction is at work. I think that you can’t just sit around and think about things and expect them to show up which is what I did for a long time. But, when I started to think about things and follow inspired actions I’ve started seeing the law of attraction actually starting to work. There is no doubt that the law of attraction has many holes that need to be filled and I think you are doing the world a service by starting to fill those holes.

    • I was the same way just a few years ago. Taking action is a necessary step. And I completely agree that the Law of Attraction is full of holes. It’s a good place to begin and then build upon once you find what is right for you.

      I always find it fascinating to hear how others are improving their lives and what works for them. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I appreciate it!

  9. Hi Henri,
    I’m glad you included action. Intention, honesty, courage and gratitude play a role but action is key. Happy New Year 🙂

    • Hi Sheila and thanks for reading. Taking action is a huge part indeed. Happy New Year to you too! 🙂

  10. Hey Henri – The toughest part has always been honesty for me. At times I simply am not sure what I truly want and what I think I want. As a result, I’ve been focusing on the courage aspect, thinking that with courage, I can explore every potential purpose until I discover exactly what I am passionate about.

  11. Thank you Henri for sharing this deep thoughts. In my life I have wanted to achieve something, but confusion sets in as to how to attain it. Slowly I’m learning, and with people like you who are full of wisdom to share, I have gained understanding. 🙂

  12. thanks for the information you provide through this article, add to my knowledge and made me want to visit your other articles.

  13. Henri,
    The most noble thing in the world is to use your resources and intentions for the best of human communities outside yourself. I totally agree that once you decide to split the benefit among others, you will get more.
    I appreciate the time you spent on this.

  14. Mary Canfield says:

    Henri, I like your series. Even though I had some bad things come after I watched The Secret, I did have one positive outcome.

    We needed a new car. Ours had given up. I was looking for a used Toyota, but I couldn’t get the financing for it. I had $4,000 for a down payment, but I couldn’t get the financing for the rest, because my husband and I both worked temporary full time project jobs.

    An online friend, who had been talking about the law of attraction, saw a post of mine about trying to buy a used Toyota. She said, “Why not look for a new one? Act as if you already have it. Smell the new car smell. Feel the sun coming in the window.” So, I did that.

    My son called me a couple of days later. He found a new Toyota, in the color I wanted, at a dealer in my hometown. (I live 700 miles away now.) He said the dealer was willing to work with me. I couldn’t get a bank loan, but the Toyota financial department was willing to loan me the balance, because my credit was good! Thank you, Toyota! Thank you to my son, too! He and his family brought the car to us, and I gave him our old Trooper. I got an extra visit with him and his family, and that meant more than anything.

    It didn’t fall into my lap. I didn’t get it free. (I didn’t expect that.) However, I was offered to opportunity! We haven’t missed a payment. I am grateful!

    • That’s an awesome story, Mary. Thanks for sharing it! Bad things will always happen to everyone, to some degree. They are a part of life. Even though I don’t like them I ultimately think I would be bored if life was easy and devoid of negativity.

  15. Thanks Henri for a timely reminder of what it takes to get what we want.

    I shall certainly be applying your 5 points as I move forward in 2010.

  16. Brilliant stuff, Henri. Your articles strike a a definite chord with me, as I´m on my way to making my dreams manifest as well – my website being a big part of that. Thank you!

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