5 Keys to Living a Passionate Life

Keys to Passionate LivingYou feel like something is missing in your life, but the next step alludes you.

You see people living the life you want to live, but you don’t know where to start.

This was the exact situation I found myself in not too long ago.

I was a professional online poker player. I was making money, but it was sucking my soul dry.

I could feel my heart aching for nourishment.

I knew I could contribute to the world, but I doubted myself.

Looking back, there were five tips I would’ve given the Henri in the past.

1. Truth

Be honest with yourself.

Look at your expectations. You’re diving into something that’s completely new, which means that confusion will become your companion, at least for a time.

And since everything is new, you will stumble. You will feel overwhelmed, uncertain and scared. You won’t know where to go or what to do next. You’ll feel like you’re jumping out of an airplane without a parachute.

Those feelings are to be expected. But remember, you are not your feelings or thoughts.

On top of that, most people don’t realize that these seemingly “negative” feelings are signs that you’re heading in the right direction. You want change, and you’re changing. The bad news is that it isn’t laced with sugar.

Once you accept both the good and the bad, your life will change.

There’s no need to run from your emotions or thoughts. Face them head on, and invite them in. Otherwise they’ll invite themselves in.

2. Passion

Find your passion.

Many try to find the perfect passion. The reason they never get anywhere is because they are trying to do the impossible.

Just like a kid in a candy store, you have to look at finding your passion as an adventure. There are a lot of different flavors available, and the only way you’ll figure out what you like is to start trying things out.

If you’re fresh out of college, this is even more important, because you have no idea of what you should expect from life.

That means you can’t make predictions, because you have no basis for those predictions.

In reality, none of us can make predictions about the future, so let’s just forget about that. All you can do is follow your excitement.

It’s when you move forward that you’ll “figure” things out. But you won’t really figure things out. It’s more that things will figure themselves out.

You don’t have to try so hard to figure everything out. Do what you can with what you have. That’s it.

3. Resistance

Learn to deal with resistance.

When I create a course, I want it to be the best course in the world. I want it to be perfect.

Luckily, I’m also aware of the fact that I can only do my best, so I aim for good enough.

By doing this, I let myself relax, and enjoy what I do. I don’t force myself to do what I can’t do.

Letting go has given me access to a tremendous amount of energy. Instead of wasting energy on worrying and doubting, I focus on how I can help my clients, customers, and readers.

Don’t get me wrong, I still worry. I’m still human, after all. The difference is that I worry less.

Dealing with resistance means getting comfortable with it, allowing it to dance in your body. When you are at your most lowest point, you realize that all you can do is take the next step. You remember that everything else is out of your hands.

Perhaps it’s that way for a reason, who knows?

4. Time

The next key is to manage your time well.

I’m talking about both how you use your time, and the tasks you focus on.

You don’t need complex time management systems. I use good old pen and paper. It works for me. I write down a few high-value tasks before I go to bed. When I wake up, I do my best to get them done. Sometimes I do. Sometimes I don’t.

When I started out, I tried to do things that didn’t matter, because I was afraid of focusing on what DID matter.

So even if you only have 15 minutes a day to follow your passion, it’s enough, as long as you focus on the right things.

And if you don’t know what to do, just start somewhere, anywhere.

If you’re in the candy store and have never tasted candy, it doesn’t matter where you start, because each taste is a learning experience.

5. Money

This key is optional, but if you’re reading this blog, chances are you want to get paid to do what you love.

You want to craft a lifestyle where you’re making a positive impact on the world while loving the work you do.

In order to do that, you have to find the intersection between what you love to do, what you are good at (or want to get good at) and what people are willing to pay for.

It’s not easy.

It can be overwhelming.

But the first step is to start.

You’ve just entered the candy store. The next step is to dive in and explore. Break things, taste things. The owner won’t mind, because you are the owner of your own candy store.

Many marketers try to sell you a quick fix, but you and I both know those don’t work.

The only medicine for what you feel is hard work, and the willingness to face what scares you most.

And if you want to dive deeper into all of these keys, make sure you check out my premium course, Passionate Living.

Bottom Line

You have to be willing to start before you’re ready.

The people living a passionate life started even though they were scared.

They didn’t know what the future held, but they did it anyway. You have to stop planning and start doing.

Think about the kid in the candy store. He doesn’t think about what the flavors might taste like, he just dives in.

You could say that adult life is different, but is it?

Are you saying you can’t take one step in some direction today?

You are the only one holding you back from a passionate life.

So think about the next smallest step you can take, and take that step.

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  1. All so very true! I feel like i’m finally beginning to take my first steps…I have just quit my job and so come January I will be taking to leap of faith intl the unknown to follow my passions. I will be following those points and all the great content in the Birthday Bundle which I have yet to absorb myself in…exciting times!

  2. interesting post….not everyone has the courage to follow his passion….blessed are the ones who dare to dream and work towards realising them!

    • I would say that not everyone chooses to follow their passion. There’s never anything stopping people from starting.

      Cheers, Swalia!

  3. Max Lagace says:

    I will definitely come back here.
    There’s a couple of things I like about this post and this blog :
    -the simplicity
    -the clarity
    -your writing style

    Subscribed and shared!

  4. Peter Hamilton says:

    What I have discovered over time (going over your material Henri) your passion is much bigger than you. You are a means through which greater things can come especially to others. Passion is the fuel to your fire that burns within. It makes life meaningful and significant in countless ways. It all just starts with a single step, that’s all and yes sometimes you have to be prodded, reminded then pushed to start your journey.

    Thanks for this post, it always gets reread. I love the way you avoid the overwhelm factor in all your material, that’s not easy to do and it takes plenty of skill!

    Thanks Henri and all the best!

    • Very good points, Peter.

      It does feel like my passion is bigger than me, but it didn’t always feel this way. So it’s been a gradual unfolding (and still is).

      And it all comes down that first step, and then another, and another, and … 🙂

  5. Truth is the one that stands out to me, when you are just starting out it is easy to believe that things will work out easier for you than everyone else. Then when you dive in you realize that creating the life you want to live doesn’t happen over night.

    This is what happened to me, I had to be honest with myself that it was going to take time for me to develop and create what I want to create. Now when I hit stalls or bumps in the road I accept them for what they are, no longer putting off the problems they have created.

    Great post!

  6. Great Article.

  7. This really resonated with me, particularly the part where you said, “When I started out, I tried to do things that didn’t matter, because I was afraid of focusing on what DID matter.”

    It’s all too easy to convince yourself that you’re making progress and moving forward while you’ve really just lost yourself in the peripherals, treading water rather than gaining ground. Thank you for this reminder pause and focus on what truly matters, so that I can continue moving in a positive direction towards living a life immersed in my passions!

  8. Pain, fear, purpose, passion, are all powerful motivators.

    One of the best ways I’ve found that I can really stick with something is to pick a problem I hate … and then channel that passion to make the world a better place.

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