Top 5 Reasons to Follow Your Passion (and Excitement)

Following your passion should be number one on your to-do list. It’s tough. It’s scary. I get that. I can relate. I am there every single day, feeling the fear, but I am also feeling the excitement, joy and love of doing what you really want to do.

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There are many fears and beliefs that need to be cleared, but you can still take action. You can still take steps closer to your dreams. When you find something you TRULY love, the feeling of excitement will beat the feeling of fear, every single time.

Some say I’m lucky to be doing what I want, but I know otherwise. This does not happen on its own. If you want it, you can have it, but only you can decide when it is time. There are an infinite number of reasons to follow your passion and excitement. Here are just five of them:

1. Fulfillment

That feeling of wholeness, of fulfillment cannot be beat. In my life there always seemed to be something missing. Even when I was playing poker professionally a piece was lost and I couldn’t find it. Sure, I loved the game the first few years I played, but then it just became about making money and that’s when I quit.

2. Expertise

The world needs your expertise. You are unique. You are awesome at one or several things and you need to share your stuff so others can learn and grow. For the longest time I felt like I had nothing to offer, but I’ve learned two things: 1) I do have something to offer, and 2) I don’t care either way, I am determined to do what I love.

3. Growth

In order to grow, I have to constantly keep pushing myself. It’s easy to stagnate, because it feels so comfortable and easy. I always have my eyes on the goal of growth. Do I want to look back at my comfortable life when I’m 200 years old (yes, I do intend to live that long ;)) and say “That was a waste”, or do I want to look back and say “that was awesome, let’s see what’s next”.

4. Synchronicity

Synchronicity is often called mere coincidence by those that do not believe in the force. The universe works in mysterious ways. You will see this when you start following your excitement. Somehow everything starts lining up. When you’re working at a soul-killing job the universe is trying to shake you awake. Start taking steps towards your passion and you will see what I mean.

5. Change

Change starts within each of us. The world is messed up and it needs you to follow your passion. Even if you’re only following your passion 1 minute a week, as long as it is 1 minute longer than the week before, you’re heading the right direction. Stop making excuses and start taking action.

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  1. Anna Williams says:

    I’ve had a very funny evening. Recently I have been reading many books along the same subject matter that you are talking about. Today I came up with an idea for a blog. At my adult swimming class I happened to sit next to a woman I don’t often talk to, and she is a life coach and also was very knowledgable about the same subject matter, and I told her my idea for a blog.

    She thought it was a great idea so I came home and looked up about blogs and the first one that I clicked on was yours, covering all aspects of my recent thoughts. And on top of that you are swedish, which as you can see from my e-mail address is my origins too. That is synchronicity for you. Thought I would share that with you. Anna

    • Hi Anna. That’s amazing and fascinating at the same time. Synchronicity is an awesome thing. Thank you for your comment! Do let me know once you get your blog up :).

  2. Loved the topic. Great points. My passions is Leadership and writing. it is fulfilling to know that I am working in my strengths. That is why I have a personal growth system, so I can always to grow in my passions.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Dan! It sounds like you’ve got things under control and are walking down a path you enjoy :).


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