Making $300/Month Online with Ingela Johansson

Beautiful Ingela JohanssonEditor’s Note: While article marketing is still effective, I no longer rely on just article marketing to make a living doing what I love. If you want to know what I do now, and what works, check out the Lifestyle Liberation Academy.

Today I’m interviewing the lovely and always beautiful, Ingela Johansson, who also happens to be my girlfriend.

You wanted to know how my girlfriend is making money online, so here it is.

I’ve always enjoyed examples. It’s helpful to see how someone got started, how they overcame obstacles and where they’re at.

Sometimes it’s easier to relate to someone who makes $300/month instead of someone that makes $10,000/month.

It really isn’t hard to make money online, but you have to be persistent and focus on one thing at a time.

Your goal and purpose has to be clear. It has to be single-minded. Constantly jumping from goal to goal will get you nowhere.

You will run into obstacles, challenges and plenty of frustrations. Learn to enjoy them and look upon them as signs that you’re making headway.

With all that said, enjoy!

The Interview

Henri: I know a lot about you, but most of the people that are reading this don’t, so tell us a little about yourself and your story.

Ingela: I have lived in a small city in northern Sweden all my life and was brought up by my mom with two older sisters and a younger brother. When I graduated from high school I had no idea what to do, but I was kind of sick of studying so I started working at a local restaurant.

A couple of years later I was fed up with my job as I found it both boring and stressful. Around that time I met you and a year after that, in the beginning of 2009, I started looking into making money online.

Henri: How did you choose a method to making money online?

Ingela: At first I started with Site Build It! and started on a website about dogs. I didn’t have the discipline and persistence to stay with that one though, and when I discovered article marketing, it seemed like a better fit for me.

Henri: Building authority websites takes a lot of time and effort. My Site Build It! sites took over 6 months until they started taking off. It’s tough in the beginning but the payoff can be big.

I’m sure many don’t know what affiliate article marketing is, so can you tell us a little more about what you do and how you make money?

Ingela: I have a small website about natural skin care, which is made up of one page that is about how to find the best skin care products. On it I promote a line of natural skin care products and have affiliate links to a company.

I write articles about natural skin care with links to my website that I submit to mainly an article directory called EzineArticles. When people read my article of course some will want to know more and click through to my site, and some of the people who read my site will click through to the skin care company and buy something.

That is when I get paid. The articles at EzineArticles get indexed by Google and keep generating traffic over the years, so more and more people will end up on my website.

Henri: A lot of people believe that products that are promoted by affiliates are scams, which keeps them away from making money as an affiliate.

Why do you recommend these skin care products and the company that makes them? Is it just because of the commission, or are they actually good?

Ingela: First I read about the products on the website, they seemed really good so I bought the line and tried them out. I really like them and use them myself since I’m very much into all things natural.

There is also a large percentage of people that come back and order more products from them, so they seem to work for others too. I would find it hard to write so many articles promoting those products if I was uncertain of their quality or thought they were useless. It really is the best company I know, so I’m happy to promote them.

Henri: How much money are you making right now?

Ingela: Almost $300 / month as of January, 2010. The good thing about the company I promote is that their affiliate program offers lifetime commissions, so I get paid when a customer comes back and buys more.

Henri: How many articles have you written to this point?

Ingela: Almost 1,100. I honestly didn’t think I’d get this many articles done, but there they are and more are to come. It sounded a lot when I had only written my first 10 articles, but it’s really only a few articles a day.

Henri: How long did it take you to reach this point?

Ingela: I started in September 2009, so it has been around 5 months. I had only written the content for my website before that, which taught me about using keywords right.

I didn’t know exactly how to write the articles in the beginning, but I looked at your articles for examples and got tips for improving my writing from you regularly.

I worked consistently, although some days I didn’t get anything done. Mainly because I procrastinated because I felt unmotivated and rather did things that I felt gave me instant gratification… like going on Facebook, surfing or reading about my interests.

Sometimes I avoided writing because I felt I wasn’t a good enough writer, and even because of the feeling of not writing enough articles.

So I wrote even less, which is kind of backwards :P. I also got side-tracked sometimes thinking about possible career options and other opportunities.

Henri: Many struggle with the fear of not being good enough sometimes, myself included. Can you tell us a little more about how you overcame the fear of not being good enough?

Ingela: Well it is something I keep working on, the important thing is not to let it get in my way of productivity. I try to accept the feeling instead of avoiding it and work through it instead of procrastinate. Sometimes I still procrastinate but I think it is getting less and less.

Henri: What is your strategy for writing so many articles? Many people are put off by the amount of articles you have written.

Ingela: First of all I don’t think it’s an extreme amount, comparing to how many you and other successful article marketers have written. And it has taken me some time to get this far.

I have had to work on my discipline and on motivating myself. I don’t have a job anymore, so I’m motivated to make this work so I can keep the freedom of being my own boss and live on passive income.

I don’t know if I have a strategy, but I make small improvements as I go, both in how I write and how many I write a day. It’s hard sometimes as there’s no instant gratification, but I look at how well you are doing and get more confidence in that it really works.

Henri: Being your own boss is awesome, but it also has it’s downsides, because you have to learn how to get things done. Tell us a little more about how you made the transition from working to making money online.

Ingela: I actually quit my permanent position at the restaurant before I even started with anything online and went traveling a few months. But when I came back I went back to working a couple of jobs as a temp.

So that is what I did when I started with article marketing. Sometimes I worked five days a week and sometimes I didn’t get called for a couple of weeks. This allowed me to write while earning enough living from my jobs, and save up a little for our move to Spain.

Since the beginning of January I have transitioned completely from working to writing full-time, although I am still living off the money I made from working, my online income is growing nicely and I should be making enough this year to live on it.

Henri: What have been your biggest challenges when it comes to making the transition?

Ingela: It is always hard to let go of what feels secure, even if it is a false security that will prevent you from living your life the way you want.

Sometimes I found it hard to have many different workplaces as it made me feel like I couldn’t focus fully on the writing, but sometimes it was the opposite and I liked the variation and getting away from writing a bit.

It is a challenge to trust that things work just through hard work. My single biggest challenge has been improving my self-discipline though, as it never was very strong. It is getting better but I still have a long way to go.

Henri: You’re definitely on the right track! Building your discipline and learning what works for you is key. What do you like the most about article marketing and making your living online?

Ingela: I like that article marketing is simple as it doesn’t require me to research new topics every day, and I can write about things I know but in different ways and be a little creative.

I love being able to live wherever I want. I like that I can decide myself when I work and when I do other things. I like the thought of passive, lifetime commissions as it will allow me to live more like I truly want to and do what I’m passionate about even if it doesn’t pay.

Henri: Do you think anyone can make a living online, or does it require something special? I know many reading this are probably going “I couldn’t do that”. In my opinion, the only things that are required are hard work and persistence. What is your take on this?

Ingela: I think anyone who really, really wants to, can do it. If you take it slowly you don’t even have to work that hard, for example you can write one article every evening after work. It might take a few years but you can still succeed that way.

It’s not a race. It does require a willingness to change and improve, unless you are perfect already 😉

Henri: And lastly, what would you say to people just starting out on their path to making a living online and increasing the freedom in their lives?

Ingela: How many hours you put into it determines how long it will take until you are able to make a living. Get help with things you don’t know how to do. Be patient.

You don’t have to believe it will work for you (although that helps), just keep doing the things that have been proven to work for others. Let go of or accept the feeling that it goes painfully slow in the beginning and just do it anyway.

Henri: I completely agree! Take action and just get things done. The results will follow. I’ve run out of questions, so thanks for doing this!

Ingela: You’re most welcome. Is it time for lunch now?

Henri: Lunch? Definitely!

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2012 Update

I can’t believe it’s over two years since I interviewed Ingela.

We’ve moved back from Spain, and we had a baby boy in December 2011. Ingela hasn’t written a word for 2½ years, yet she’s still making $150-250 a month, because we focused on a lifetime commission affiliate program.

2014 Update

Ingela’s earnings are still the same. We’ve moved into a new house. Things are going well.

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  1. Brilliant article Henri & Ingela! I love it 😀 And I am totally into your new direction in the blog… the content felt good and I nodded my head at it before but it didn’t like feel like it was one of those “BOOM – guidance” moments – if you know what I mean – but NOW we’re talking 😀



    • Hi Andrew, thanks for the comment! 🙂

    • Oleg Mokhov says:

      Agree with Andrew: the new direction is awesome.

      Henri, your last few articles have been a pleasure to read. Your voice is coming through, and you’re writing more and more from personal experience. Hard to pin-point, but it’s a combination of a relaxed writing style and you speaking more to me as a reader.

      Your previous articles, like the motivation and law of attraction ones, are fine, but the newer ones are more unique and fun.

      Looking forward to more,

      PS. Enjoyed the interview. Ingela, it was nice cyber-meeting you here 🙂

  2. Oscar - freestyle mind says:

    Great interview. I wonder where you publish these 800 articles. For example if you publish 80% on ezine articles and 20% on your website. Just wondering.

    Another question: are you branding your website, like Henri is doing here, or is it just built for making money, and your name doesn’t appear anywhere? In the first case it would be nice if you could give a link, just for looking around 🙂

    • I publish all of my articles on Ezinearticles. I only have one page on my website.

      My name and picture does appear on my website but it’s not like the Wake Up Cloud. It’s basically just helpful information with some links in the body.

      Thanks for the comment 🙂

  3. Moon Hussain says:

    800 articles? Pretty incredible. I am the type that gets burned out every 10-15 articles 😉 I wonder how writers deal with that.

    That’s pretty cool. My new strategy for goals? Break $25.00 online, then $50.00, then $100.00, and then much more. Hopefully I’ll learn a lot of stuff by the time I break $100.00/month, so earning $500.00/month might be a bit easier in that sense.

    Good interview to put it into perspective.

    • Well it’s not like they’re a thousand words each like a blog post 😉 Most of them are around 300-400 words.

  4. Phew, 800 articles! Sounds impossible.

  5. Henri, I’m so glad that you shared your lovely Ingela with us! She is beautiful, and I love that she’s giving this a go after realizing that she wanted to work for herself.

    But why didn’t you share a link to her site? (Unless I missed it) I found her site, and not only that, but I bought one of the day creams that she links to. I’m always looking for a new beauty product to try, anyway!

    I hadn’t thought of writing for e-zine, what a great idea. Thanks!

    • Sorry for the slip-up, there’s now a link in the article to her website!

    • Thanks for the kind words Maria! Wow, I didn’t think of this as a opportunity to get new customers, maybe I should do interviews more often 😉 I hope you’ll love the cream as much as I do!

  6. 800 articles is alot. But I think you pointed out the key which was 3-4 articles a day. Small effort builds up over time into something much bigger. My guess is there came a certain point at which you started making money, but there was a period of being patient. Good stuff.

    • It’s pretty easy when you focus on getting your 3-4-5 articles per day done. It might take a few hours, but in the long-run you’ll create an awesome income stream.

    • Yeah, it can be hard in the beginning to believe that you’ll succeed. If you just write as much every day as you are comfortable with you’ll get somewhere, as long as you keep doing it no matter your doubts.

  7. Carrie Burgan says:

    I love how approachable you two are! A fine blend of selling knowledge, selling acumen, and selling yourselves in one package. I commend you both for being real!

  8. Ian Nuttall says:

    When you break it down into actually numbers, it’s not that difficult to churn out articles on a topic you love. Assuming around 500 word per article you could quite easily get 4 done in just a couple of hours. It’s only 2000 after all!

    I’d been thinking for a while that it would be much easier to relate to someone earning this kind of money than it would be to relate to someone making $10,000+ a month.

    Really great article. I’m also curious as to what you guys ate for lunch?

    P.S. Don’t hit me Henri but Ingela, you have awesome eyes!

    • How could I punish someone for telling the truth? 😉

    • I agree, you can write them pretty fast if you focus and eliminate distractions. Sometimes it only takes me 2-3 hours, and other days much longer.

      I love cooking, we’ve been eating lots of indian spiced rice and veggies lately. Yum 🙂

      P.S. Thanks Ian that makes me smile 😀

  9. Mary Canfield says:

    Great post from the beautiful Ingela!

    Carrie, I agree! Henri and Ingela are very real! I’m happy to have crossed paths with them. Serendipity! 🙂

  10. Wow, very inspiring. Would love to do something like this. Thanks for a great post.

    • A lot of stuff coming that will help you increase your affiliate sales, subscribers or just traffic!

  11. Wow, I just read the entire article and read every comment on here word for word. First great article Henri. You did an amazing job. Second, it was great hearing what you had to say about making money online and why you do what you do and especially how you do it Ingela.

    I also want to add that reading not even half way through this inspired a blog post out of me so thanks for that.

    I also love it how you both are so approachable and I think people really do relate better to others who are more at their level especially with the make money online niche.

    Re-Tweeting now! 🙂

    • Thanks a lot, Eric! I’m glad you were able to suck the value out of this interview. The point I want to get across is that making a living online isn’t hard, but you have to work for it!

      • That point does come across in the interview and comes across very well in fact. It’s those who don’t stick with it and lack in a direction who make it seem impossible to achieve.

  12. Heya Henri!
    Firstly – You have a beautiful girlfriend 🙂
    Secondly, I think everyone starts out taking at least 6-12 months before they start seeing some decent progress. I personally never got into article marketing, I have written a total of around 100 articles for direcctories but mostly to get links to my sites rather than to get them to make me money. I don’t know how people make money with article marketing 😛 800 articles is an insane amount of stuff to write but if it works then it works.

    Enjoyed your post and keep up the good work 🙂

    • Hey Diggy!

      She is indeed very beautiful and I’m thankful for having her in my life 🙂

      It does take a long time (sometimes) to make things happen. You have to learn the ropes and become familiar with how things are. It’s almost like a new language, it takes a few years sometimes to become fluent, but then things just flow.

    • Wow, thanks Diggy 😀

      I often have to remind myself that I have only really done this for a short time still and be patient.

  13. Hey Ingela and Henri! 🙂 This post was great, I find it easier to relate to earning $300 per month than $3000 omline to start with so it helped me to get my head around it some more. would you recommend in my instance (pd blog) writing brand new posts for ezinearticles and places like that or do people submit the blog posts they have published too?
    Hope you both enjoyed your lunch! 🙂 Lovely to meet you Ingela!

    • You can do it both ways, but it is generally recommended that you write new posts to Ezinearticles. I personally would just write new posts. They don’t have to be huge ones, just a nugget of good information at 300-400 words.

      Once you get started writing, you get better and faster. Article marketing is one of the reasons why I am able to write so fast (or at least people tell me I’m fast) 😀

    • Hi Jen! I’m like that too, I find it’s easier to believe I can increase my income to $500 than to four figures. It’s wonderful to connect to you too Jen 🙂

  14. Pretty awesome!

    Thank you for sharing this valuable information Henri!

    Wow! 800 articles. That is amazing! Wishing you much Success Ingela 🙂


    • You’re most welcome, Victoria!

    • Thanks Victoria 😀 Maybe I shouldn’t compare so much to Henri all the time, feels like I’ve only written a tiny amount when I do 😉

      All the best to you too!

  15. Pierre Soderman says:

    Hi Ingela and Henri.

    I agree with all above, it’s easier to relate to someone who is making $300 than $3000. Such a smart and inspiring move Henri, interviewing your girlfriend.

    On Henri’s advice I started article marketing myself last month. I’ve been writing around one article per day and then buying articles so my article count is now close to 100. It’s really hard to do something that doesn’t pay off right away, like Google Adsense for instance. Then it’s nice to read this kind of inspiring interview.

    One thing the Henri really thought me was to focus on one or two thing instead of working on several projects. That has started to pay off and my Google Adsense earnings are bigger. But I really want start making a steady income on article marketing.

    It really hard to change a habit, so from time to time I still find myself working on stuff that I’m not suppose to. Practice makes perfect, right.

    Henri I think you should put your Site Build It affiliate link in the blog posts. I will definitely use it when I, in a month or two, start my first project there. My philosophy is article marketing and one site project and soon it’s time to let go of current site project (Adsense income) and try Site Build It.

    To succeed online you need three things, in my opinion:
    – A knowledge and inspiration source – (Henri)
    – Patience over a short period of time.
    – And patience over a long period of time.

    PS. I see myself working online from Gran Canaria in 1 – 2 years time.

    • Hey Pierre!

      Awesome comment and I’m glad you’re making progress. I guess I’ll have to start taking your advice and begin putting some affiliate links in the content 😉

      Gran Canaria sounds like a nice, motivating goal. Keep your blinders on and you’ll get there. I’m constantly surprised at how much I can get done just by taking consistent action each and every day.

  16. Fab interview – very inspiring! I’d love to get back into affiliate marketing, just coming up with the content is so hard.

    You really should publish your articles to Squidoo instead. They’d be ranked in search engines and you’d still get commissions, but Squidoo pay out on the pages you make, so if you write lots of really good ones, they give you money – free. I currently have 2 and I make about $5 a month just off those two! Maybe you know about it and there are rules or something?

    • Thanks Carly!

      Well it is possible to publish articles elsewhere, but only after they have been published on EzineArticles. I haven’t looked into that actually.

      What a cute Mini Schnauzer you have there, we have one too! 🙂

  17. Cool post. I am always impressed by the time it takes people to earn a decent income online. Ive been blogging over a year and I am starting to make some progress at the moment.
    I think my strategy was wrong. So I am using different ways to get more people to my web site. So far its working 😛
    Btw. I have one question for Ingela. Do you get a lot of people that visit your web site through search engines or do you have lots of very loyal followers?!

    • Hi Julius! Most of my traffic is direct traffic from EzineArticles, actually less than 10% comes from google at the moment. I don’t have loyal followers as it isn’t a a regular blog/website with lots of pages, just one page with information.


  18. This is the best information about earning income online that I’ve seen to date. Thanks for sharing. One question for you. If you were to add another item, say nail polish, or something related to skin care, but targeting a different affiliate. Would you attach that to the same site, making it a two page site, or would you make them as separate one page sites?

    I’m asking because I have some ideas rattling around, and one topic area could easily blend into a couple other related topics that would target different affiliates, and I’m trying to figure out how to best approach it.

    • Thanks Eric! I would make separate sites as my experience is that it gives a better conversion rate, as there are less distractions for the people visiting and the site is more focused.

  19. Wow, thanks for this article! It’s refrehong to see a no-nonsense, simple approach to something like this, it’s much more helpful than all the other articles you see put there. Thank you for being someone we can relate to Ingela!

    800 articles is a lot! I think the thing that makes me step back from this the most is the thought of how will I come up with a topic for the next article?! How do you find inspiration for your next article, what do you do to make sure your idea well doesn’t dry out?!

    Thanks again for the great interview 🙂

    • Hi Inez, great question! 🙂 I have a list of keywords which I look at first, I pick a keyword and I guess I just let my imagination work. Sometimes the keywords are long and define quite precisely what the article will be about, and sometimes they are short and general and I’ll have to make up an angle.

      I do have a list of angles and topics which I look at if I can’t think of something. For example “benefits of”, “risks of”, “how to prevent” etc.

      Deep down I believe that we all have access to endless imagination if we want to. Not that I always have an easy time coming up with a topic or a headline. Sometimes it helps looking at someone else’s article and often I just write something similar to what I’ve written before but in a different way; a different tone, a list of tips instead of a text, questions and answers etc.

      I hope that answered your question 😀

  20. Jared P Little says:

    Great story enjoyed it. Your right it is hard work and I often look to stories that I can relate better to. I am also making about 200-300 dollars a month right now my self and have a similar story. Took about 6 error and 6 months of action to get to this point. Best of luck in 2010.

  21. Came to read the post a second time and enjoyed the read again. As I commented to Henri on Twitter, it’s great to see that hard work pays off and you Ingela sure have put some effort into making things happen…

    And as you mentioned on the intro, it’s much easier to relate to someone who is on the same level with online income than those who make six figures a year or tens of thousands a day doing PPC marketing.

    I wish you continue to build your income and have a great year in every way. Perhaps we can see a follow-up here at some point to see how things are going(?)

  22. This is an excellent article, but there are a few things that I don’t understand.

    1. Why not just sell content on Rentacoder (less competition than
    elance)? At .02 cents per word you would stand to make $10 per
    article. That’s $8,000 for 800 articles.

    2. Why not publish your own content, ping servers and submit your blog to a few blog directories? There’s this site called MaxBlogPress. Maybe you’ve heard of it. They’ve got a bunch of plug-ins you can use to promote and monetize your blog.

    I’m pretty sure if you can post just 1 (200-500 word) article per day you can get a lot of traffic and sales with those plug-ins.

    • Hi James,

      You pose some good points. Selling the articles for a one time fee is not long-term thinking in my book. Sure, you get paid for one article, but if you do article marketing for a lifetime income company, the income builds up. It’s slow in the beginning but after a year or two you will make a lot more than $8,000. It requires patience though.

      Publishing your own content is another excellent strategy, but it is more complex. You have to write content, optimize it for SEO and build links. Obviously I don’t have anything against blogs, but getting a lot of traffic to your blog is much more than submitting to blog directories and pinging servers.

      I recommend you go with whatever feels good to you, because all of these methods work. I don’t see it as an either/or thing. You can always do article marketing for 6 months and then start building your own blog.

      Thanks for commenting, James!

  23. I’m sorry, I misread that post you had on MaxBlogPress. I thought that you were the founder and owner of, but I can see that you were just guest posting on that site.

    That’s why I thought it was so strange that your girlfriend wouldn’t use the WordPress platform along with the plug-ins that I THOUGHT you created.

  24. Henri I first contacted you about reading your poker inspirations and now I am truly inspired from this article. It’s very nice to see something realistic as is discussed here. The web is overrun with how to make $10,000 a month and just pay 69.95 for the secrets, lol. This is a very good interview with your significant other and I have been inspired once again. It sounds that with some guidance and motivation to work at it that maybe I could do this too! Congratulations on your hard work, persistence, and passion Ingela. Thank you Henri and Ingela

    • I’m glad you found your way over here, Sean! I think anyone can do this if they, like you said, work hard, persist and do what they love.

  25. Hi Henri and Ingela,

    Great interview. Making money online does comes with its own set of challenges, however persistence is the key. You guys will surely make it, just continue with what you are doing.

  26. Great article. I like your style of writing. I think this is a very interesting way to illustrate an essential point as well. How important perseverance is to success (of any kind). Well done both of you. Good luck in the future.

  27. I’m totally inspired by your story Ingela and Henri, Thank you for interviewing your sweetheart.

    I have been to your page and it make total sense – your business model.

    Have a great day.

  28. SallyBeam says:

    This is fantastic and inspiring. I love it. Thanks Henri & Ingela for this great post.

    800 of your article marketing motivates me to focus my time on the right track. ^_^

    Sally Beam

  29. This article gave some great Ideas. My girlfiend doesn’t know what Twitter is but shes able to maintain a perfect GPA in college. I plan to utilize her strenths and interview her on how she does it.

    Great Interview, way to go Ingela

  30. Maureen says:

    Dear Ingela and Henri, Thanks for this great informational article/interview! I have a question that may seem kind of ignorant, but thought I’d ask anyway … Ingela, when talking about your website you said: “On it I promote a line of natural skin care products and have affiliate links to a company.”

    My question is, how do I find a company that would allow me to put affiliate links on my site? And could it be any kind of company? Also, I checked your site (loved it), and saw that you don’t market individual items from the company, but rather mention the company itself with links. (That is, unless you talk about individual items in the video, which I didn’t watch — sorry!) Would it be possible, if I had a site like this, to market individual items the company sells, with links on each item, as well as the company itself?

    Now I am getting myself confused — I hope this makes some kind of sense! I am really interested in this kind of work and thank you so much for your help and information. By the way, I also love natural skin care (I’m chemically sensitive), so I will be spending more time on your site investigating!


    • Hi Maureen,

      The site does in a sense market individual items, because the links go to the skin care overview page. You can definitely market individual items from a company. In fact, it’s best to do so, because it raises conversion rates (how often people buy).

      Everything we learned was basically from Affiliate Article Writers. The bottom line is this: you will have to test and see what works for you.

      Hope this helps!

      • Maureen says:

        Thanks, Henri. Does the site you gave me give the names of companies who have affiliate programs? I browsed through it very briefly, but didn’t find an answer that question — how do I find a company to work with, like Ingela did? How did Ingela connect with the skin care company she writes about? Sorry for all the questions! But I do appreciate your help.

        • Both Ingela and I connected with the company through Affiliate Article Writers. The company (Xtend-Life) has an affiliate program that is invite only, so it isn’t available to the public.

          • Maureen says:

            Thanks so much Henri. I appreciate your patience and quick responses. I’ll spend some time on Affiliate Article Writers, as well as your website.

  31. Wow, very insightful! 800 articles is A LOT in 3 months!

    I just finished my 200th article just the other month, and that took 11 months. I too found that after 6 months, revenue started pouring in. But my site isn’t about making money at all. It’s just for fun. Advertisers found me.


    Yakezie Lifestyle

  32. WOW!!!! Great interview coming from your girlfriend. She’s been able to achieve much within a short while though with great commitment, hardwork, patience, and consistency. Taking action is truly the thing to watch out for. I love the idea of passive income and a location independent job because it lets you do what you’re cut out for and i think making money online fits.

    I like the model your girlfriend is using to earn money online. It’s not a bad idea if i try it out but getting an affiliate product to promote is a pro considering the fact that i have to keep churning out content on a daily basis. Well whatever is worth doing is worth doing well. Am ready to give it a try. Thanks for this soul lifting interview. Can’t wait for the next one.


    • Well, I haven’t written a single article for my niche sites that are run by 100% article marketing in a very long time and they keep earning me a steady income, so once you get the snowball rolling, you don’t have to keep working yourself to death.

  33. This interview has given me some great ideas. Thank you! I’ve got so many ideas for affiliate sites floating round in my head right now, I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep! 800 articles is a hell of an achievement, but I’m thinking, with a good amount of efford, I could probably get 50 or so writtenp/week.

    Can I just ask, what’s the best tool for keyword research? and also, did you have to learn a lot about SEO before taking on this business model?



    • Hey Rob!

      I use Market Samurai to do most of my keyword research. I’ve never been a huge fan of keyword tools, but I really like Market Samurai.

      You don’t have to learn a lot about SEO to make this work. You can use the free Google keyword tool to find keywords, put them in your title, sprinkle in content, and you’re good to go.

      Hope this helps!

  34. It does help, thanks Henri 🙂 It’s good to know I won’t need to become an SEO expert in order to try it out 🙂

  35. Indeed, persistence and commitment are important qualities that an online marketer should have. Thank you for this information. Before I forget, nice interview 🙂

  36. Great article Hen, really great of you to share!

  37. I really admire your dedication, it takes alot of discipline to stay on track. I do have one honest and not meant to be rude question. Is this a product you really know about, or have you had to research other resources to find what you truly believe in?

    • Hey Lana,

      I bumped into the product I promote and I use it myself every day right now, so it’s something I really like and see results with.

      I recommend that if you do affiliate marketing, you have in-depth knowledge about what you’re recommending, or better yet, use it yourself.

      Hope this helps!

  38. Great interview! This is what we need more of. Real conversation with good content.

    Keep it up,

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