LLP 004 – How to Handle Overwhelm

Lifestyle Liberation PodcastIn this episode you’ll discover how to elegantly handle overwhelm.

I share my recent battles with overwhelm and how I dealt with them.

This works both in business and in life, like most of the stuff I cover.

The bottom line is that we all have to deal with overwhelm, because if you’re learning something new, you will be overwhelmed from time to time.

It’s a sign that your brain is working.

So the problem is not overwhelm, but how you deal with it, which is exactly what this podcast episode is all about.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll learn:

  • What overwhelm actually is, and why it happens (it’s not what most people think)
  • Why I threw myself into overwhelm-land willingly (and how I “got out”)
  • The Spain story
  • 3 simple strategies to minimize (or even eliminate) overwhelm
  • What to do if you need to get things done fast (and still want to minimize overwhelm)
  • The truth about overwhelm that will set you free

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  1. Brilliant Henri, absolutely brilliant advice, and really great posts. You’ve covered so much ground, and i will purchase your products in the new year. Best wishes from Ireland and a Happy New Year, Nigel.

  2. Henri, so true and I can relate to all of this completely.

    I am really trying to get the hang of the Linux CLI and while some parts come easy, other parts are much harder for me.

    Just a week ago or so I couldn’t figure out how to use irssi to get into an IRC chatroom and now I know how to do it. I may not know what all of the commands are or what they mean, but I’m now able to connect and chat. That’s what I wanted.

    There will always be more to learn but it’s more about how to learn, not what it is you’re actually learning. Because to me, once you become aware of how you learn and how to handle obsticals, you’ll learn much more anyway.

    I’m also like you, I never want to take a break and my mind is never on anything but what I’m trying to figure out until I figure it out, and that sucks sometimes. But I have to tell myself that it’s all a matter of time, it’s new, and if I keep at it, I’ll get it.

    That and the next step. I did want to learn everything there was to know about programming, the command line, linux in general, ubuntu, everything. But that’s not possibly all at once.

    It takes time.

    So I just thought about what I wanted to do, what I wanted to learn, what sounded fun and took things one step at a time, slowed down, read some stuff on it and watched what youtube videos were out there, talked to people, and celebrated what I had accomplished so far.

    I’m so similar here it’s not funny… but I believe many people can relate, especially after using an operating system for years and then switching. It’s new territory and something completely unfamiliar. It’s a learning process but it’s a possible one if you let it be.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Oh, irssi. I remember those days.

      One step at a time is really the only way. Figure out what you want to do, then learn how to do it. Forget everything else.

      Thanks for the comment, Eric!

  3. I’ve been using aln alternative podcast download program (Downcast) but your episodes do not show up ther. Do you have to use the Apple iPod app to be able to access your podcasts?

    • I would assume it should work if it’s an app that connects to the iTunes store.

      I’ve only submitted my podcast to iTunes so far, so you can get it from there or you can download it directly from my site.

      If anyone has any solutions/ideas on why my podcast isn’t showing up, do let me know.

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