How I Wrote 20 Articles A Day Doing Article Marketing

In late ’09, I stumbled across something called article marketing, which is the art of writing, and submitting articles to article directories.

I saw a testimonial with someone that was living in a caravan because his previous online business had collapsed. He took himself from living in a caravan to a very comfortable life with article marketing.

That simple story convinced me to try this thing called article marketing. I had already built up my niche site which was making around $500/month and growing without me, so I thought I’d jump into article marketing.

I put 100% of my focus into it. I was determined to succeed. I had tasted success with my niche website, so I knew that what mattered was relentless, and massive action.

I Wanted To Make Money Online

My desire for making money online was huge. I loved writing, I loved building websites, and I wanted to make a living doing this online thing.

Sure, writing was boring at times, but I was okay with it, because on some level I enjoyed what I was doing, and I was energized by the future income that was waiting for me.

You Can Almost Figure Out The Mindset I Had

I knew that thinking, doubting, and uncertainty wasn’t the way to succeed. Only action would take me to my final destination.

I had my instructions. I knew what I needed to do to make money with article marketing, and I followed those instructions to a tee.

I had confidence in the training program, because I had been chatting with the owner, and the people doing article marketing. All I had to do was write. The more articles I wrote, the more money I made.

I kept distractions out. That meant no looking at new launches, and other information that increased self-doubt.

How I Motivated Myself

Many have trouble motivating themselves, but I never had problems in that area. I constantly thought about the freedom I’d have, and the people I was helping. I was promoting an high-quality company, so I felt extremely good about it.

Sometimes I’d write 10 articles before noon, only to lie down, re-motivate myself, and start writing again. The mind is a powerful tool. Either you use it, or it uses you.

Article writing can quickly get boring if you let it. I kept my writing fun by playing with new article structures, new voices, and I switched things around to make it more interesting.

How I Did It – The “System”

Keep in mind, these articles were mostly short 300 word articles, so you can’t really compare them to a blog post like this one, which is a lot more in-depth, and requires more thought.

With that said, my system was very simple. Here are the main steps:

1. Research

I usually wrote about three main topics: skin care, omega-3 fish oils, and natural multivitamins. I already knew a lot about these areas, because I’ve been interested in natural health since I was 16.

I did my research up-front, and kept many of the websites open if I needed to refresh my memory.

2. Pre-Planning

Let’s take an example, say I was writing about the health benefits of omega-3 fish oils. I would gather together 20-30 benefits, or as many as I could find.

I would then split these benefits up and put three to four of them in each article. Then I might’ve written about the possible side-effects, and done the same thing.

There are a lot of small strategies like this that I used that made writing infinitely easier, and faster.

3. Outline

I always started by outlining my articles. Sometimes I would outline ten to twenty articles before I began writing. This would give me structure, and help me write unique articles.

When you outline, just imagine a five-year old asking you questions. The questions you need to answer are simple: what, why, how, where, and when.

4. Mindless Writing

The outlines helped me get my mind out of the way when I was writing. I eventually got so good that I only had to do a minimal amount of editing once I was done.

It was crucial for me to be able to write without going into editing-mode. I wasn’t fast when I started writing, but a few thousand articles helped me practice my chops.

5. Awareness

My mind wanted to get distracted. It wanted to do easier things, such as check my e-mail, hang out on facebook, or just browse the web, but I gently pulled it back to writing when I noticed this happening.

It’s not easy, but I’d trained my discipline muscle a lot while playing poker, so I had a pretty easy time doing it, plus I’m really good at motivating myself when it matters.

But Don’t You Run Out Of Things To Say?

This is something you may run into depending on how deep you can go within your niche, but if you’re writing about topics like I was, there are just so many nuances and perspectives you can write from.

It’s also natural to sometimes repeat what you already know. As long as you aren’t copy and pasting, you won’t get sent to the penalty box.

Action + Determination = Success

I no longer do article marketing at the level that I used to, but I still use it for things here and there. It’s highly effective for starting to make money online fast.

The practice I got from doing article marketing has proven to be very useful when writing blog articles, guest blogging, and creating products. It’s interesting to see how the skills I’ve learned in the past carry over to what I’m doing now.

All in all, I did what I did working full-time. It took me about 4 hours to write 20 articles. Sometimes more, and sometimes less. That doesn’t mean you have to go crazy like I did. Work with what you’ve got.

One of the most important points I want to get across is that it is the amount of action that determines how successful you will be.

You of course will have to pick a system, course, or program that has been proven successful, but assuming you do that, all you have to do is take action, keep learning, and keep crushing it!

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  1. Hey man,
    Personally I’ve never had much success with article marketing. I wrote over 120 articles for various niches and products and only ended up with a couple of sales.

    Thinking back about it, two things I likely did wrong were:
    1-not building links to my articles to get good rankings
    2-only submitting to

    I’ve also heard and seen proof of many people making $50 per day or more just from article marketing, so the method definitely works.

    I just hated writing about stuff I didn’t really care about!


    • Yeah, GoArticles doesn’t work unless you build links. I only recommend EzineArticles. To be honest, while 120 articles is okay, you need to keep writing to see good results, and of course pick a niche you absolutely love, so you’ll have the motivation!

      It does work though, but several factors have to come together. It also gets easier once you can start to outsource the writing.

  2. Henri great post very inspiring, stay focus and determinant will get you there, and since content is the king you will not go wrong with writing articles, I have to check out your article marketing guide, I need some more inspiration to keep writing.

    Good stuff,


  3. I also do article marketing but I have a problem with choosing new keywords – there aren’t many long tails. I think I wrote articles for most of not competitive long tails in my niches.

    Did you write your articles without choosing any long tails? Is it effective to write articles without any optimization?

  4. Henri:

    Wow! I am impressed (I know that was not your goal). 20 articles in one day is some feat.

    For no particular reason, I do not do much article marketing. I know I should.

    So with that, I do appreciate that you have outlined the system you used. I am going to give this system a try.


    – Rick

    • Hey Rick! Who knows, maybe article marketing isn’t your thing, but if you feel like it, definitely give it a try!

  5. Great story about article marketing. How long did it take you to create a full time income? You always have something awesome to share. Thanks

    • A full-time income from all my websites? I’d say less than a year working my ears off. But I also spent two years failing before that.

      Thanks, Randall!

  6. Hi Henri,

    Nice article! What strategies did you use to make a full-time income and gain lots of traffic?

    • I have multiple streams of income. I have niche websites, I do article marketing, I sell advertising, and now I also make money from this blog. For traffic I’d say do your keyword research, build links, and guest post. It all depends on what you do, and what you want to achieve.

  7. Wow….that pushed some serious motivation inside me. After reading through a few of your articles, I have to say you have a really good writing style and the actual content you write is solid. I’m thoroughly impressed. I’m going to be using a lot of your advice myself.

    Also, that must’ve taken some serious dedication to pull off what you did. Much respect!

  8. Could you write more about choosing keywords? How did you find so many keywords? Or were you writing without optimization, just with a basic keyword like “fish oil”?

    • Oh yeah, keyword research is a part of article marketing. In short, you can use a free keyword tool and use everything from 2 word phrases, and work your way down to the really long-tail ones.

      I’ll talk about that more in the future. Thanks for bringing it up!

  9. iretipaul says:

    Useful tips that will help pull out more contents. How did you build your niche websites?

  10. Prior to a few weeks ago, I never really ventured into article marketing on a larger scale than a submission here and a submission there. However, while I do have accounts on directories like EZA that have over a 40% CTR, it wasn’t until I started playing around with article submission software that I began to notice just how powerful it can be if you are consistent and can write captivating articles (without giving too much away) as well as captivating resource boxes that compel the reader to click through to your website.

    Since you were writing 20 articles per day, it was only a matter of time before your hard work paid off. 🙂

    • You are right on! I couldn’t agree more. Article marketing is powerful when done right, or when done a lot 😉

  11. Archan Mehta says:


    Thanks for your tips about article marketing.

    I know it would work for you, since you are a prolific writer and smart about your goals.

    Posting 20 articles per day is an achievement. I am sweating just thinking about it. Phew!

    Good luck to you on your creative work and wish you all the best in Scandinavia.

  12. Article marketing is definitely an area I’m a bit weak on right now. Thanks for the reminder and the kick in the pants telling me 20 articles-per-day is possible!

  13. Anass Farah says:

    I’ve tried some article marketing myself, I didn’t write as many articles as you do but I did my best 😀

    I’m actually thinking about getting in touch with niche websites so I you have some product recommendation for me, I will be thankful to you 🙂

    Anass Farah

  14. Hi Henri,

    I just found your blog and love it. 2 questions:

    1. what article sites did you publish on
    2. Do you still use SBI?

    • Hey Nina!

      1. If I only want traffic, I only post to, if I want to build links and exposure I’ll expand that to the top 10 biggest do-follow ones (you can prob find a good list by doing a Google search).

      2. Yes, I do. I have 2 SBI sites that are doing well, and I enjoy hanging out in the forums there.

      Hope this helps!

  15. Thanks Henri,

    I started using SBI and loved the structure of it, but it was so complicated! Also I was told that it was outdated aand so I went with thesis WP.
    But I may go back to it now to create a little niche site.

    Thanks for replying so quickly! I am loving you site so much. I cant read it fast enough!

    PS This article motivated me to write 10 articles yesterday, and Im going to do another 10 today. Thank you!!

    • Nice! 10 articles is awesome.

      SBI is not for everyone, it’s a complete course on how to build a successful website, but again, not necessary for success. I personally like both SBI and WordPress.

      Keep rocking, Nina!

  16. Glad I came across your blog Henri. I’d just started copywriting for MillionMiles Media last week. I’ve only written 4 articles so far (with a number of revisions in between, lol). They pay a flat rate of $3 per article. Is that average? Your article here is inspiring. I’m still in an 8-5 job mentality and wonder if this home-based job could really work for me as a full-time job in the long run. I wish I have your motivation and discipline. I do get distracted a lot. Thanks for the inspiration ^^

    • $3 per article is very low. You seem to have very good English, so if you’re articles are good, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding work that pays $10+ per article. It’s all about finding people that want quality over quantity.

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