121 Ways to Dramatically Improve Your Life, Be Happier, And More Fulfilled

Do you want to improve your life?

Do you want to be more awesome, but just don’t know how to go about peeling off the unnecessary layers?

You’re lucky, because I’ve put together a list of 121 ways you can improve your life.

You don’t have to settle with what you’ve got. The ones who told you that are liars.

Most people are afraid. They want to stop you from feeling the pain they feel because they never had the courage to do what they wanted in life.

Follow your heart and do what feels right for you, because that’s living. Everything else is dying.


1. Care

If you want to be awesome, you have to care. Care about the people around you and even people you’ve never met. This is especially true if you’re blogging or a public figure. Care about your fans and they will care even more about you.

2. Give Value

We all have something to share. Always focus on what you can do for others. What do you love and what are you good at (or want to become good at)?

3. Be honest

Honesty feels good and is the right thing to do. But why do many choose to lie instead? Most often it’s because it makes their life easier, or does it? It usually might seem like it in the short-term, but in the long-term, honesty always wins.

4. Be honorable

Be honorable and respectable. This means doing the right things, keeping promises and in general, being someone who does the right thing. Look at our world leaders today and do the opposite.

5. Integrity

Having integrity for me means being ethical and following a moral code that is both practical and benefits all of humanity. It’s idealistic, but it is certainly worth striving for, isn’t it?

6. Follow your passion

Find your passion and follow it. Never give up. There is always a way to make a living doing what you love. It may not come in the form you think, so be open-minded.

Just a few years ago, I was miserable, but today I am doing what I love. If you want to know what I did to get here, and how you can do the same, check out Passionate Living, my step-by-step course.

7. Take responsibility

You are responsible for your life. There is no one to blame. If you’re not happy with your life or with your circumstances, you are the only one that can take responsibility and start changing it. What are you waiting for?

8. Be positive

Being just a little bit more positive can mean a lot of things. Reading a good book, checking out positive quotations or even watching a movie that you enjoy. The possibilities are endless. Even though being positive is cliché and kind of irritating, it is still useful.

9. Take action

You can dream and you can wonder, but nothing happens without taking action consistently. You don’t have to be perfect. Learn as much as you need to know the next step and take action!

10. Be radical

Sometimes it’s good to be radical, if it’s you. Radical means different things to different people, so I’ll leave it up to you to interpret it.

11. Focus on your strengths

Stop trying to fix your weaknesses. You can’t be perfect. Focus on your strength and let other people do what you’re bad at.

12. Do less

You can do less and live more. You don’t need more stuff. Release your cravings for materialism. It will lead to less debt, less work and less stress.

13. Be authentic

Whatever you do, be authentic. Be yourself. I’ve always been a bit of an introvert, so this is another one of those points that I’m constantly working on.

14. Enjoy the process

When you’re doing something you love, you will automatically enjoy the process. Goals don’t even matter at this point. Sure, they give you a direction, but you’re loving life and feeling awesome.

15. Be practical

You don’t have to quit your job to do what you love. You can slowly start phasing it out by working on your passion project after you get home from work. Be practical and realistic. Don’t just jump into your passion when you don’t have a plan.

16. Lose arguments

Why do we insist on being right all the time? Try losing arguments. It’s great fun and interrupts patterns in people. Seeing people get confused is a lot of fun.

17. Let someone pass you in line at the supermarket

Everyone’s in a rush to get home, but what if you took a deep breathe and let someone pass you? It’s unexpected and it makes people smile.

18. Quit your job

If you’re ready for it, just quit your job. There’s no need to hang onto something that you don’t need. For the rest of you, stay put.

19. Give away stuff

How much stuff do you have that you haven’t used in the last 12 months? What about giving it all away? I know a lot of people that have their houses full of stuff.

20. Focus

Be aware of where your focus is. Where focus goes, energy flows. If you’re constantly thinking about how you will fail, you will feel bad and maybe even fail. Think about how you will succeed and you might just succeed. If at first you don’t succeed, try again.

21. Tidy up

Keep your apartment or house clean. Not saying that I’m a master of cleanliness or anything, but it sure does feel good to have everything looking good, doesn’t it?

22. Embrace challenges

Most people avoid challenges, or as they like to call them: problems. What would life be without challenges? Incredibly boring. We would never grow – at least not as fast – and everything would be smooth sailing.

23. Live with power

Live with power and certainty. Power goes hand in hand with responsibility. Take action, be confident, be yourself and trust that your intuition will guide you wherever you need to be.

24. Practice courage

We all have our fears. By practicing courage and doing something even though you’re afraid, you grow. New stuff is scary. I know that. You know that. Let’s do it anyway, shall we?

25. Surround yourself with awesome people

The people you choose as friends have a big impact on how you think and act. Do not accept just anyone into your life. Choose your friends wisely.

26. Go with the flow

You know, the universe is constantly giving you hints and trying to pull you in one direction. Are you noticing those hints? From now on, think about the signs you’re getting and follow them.

27. Release expectations

Release all expectations after you’ve set your goal. You never know what the universe might deliver to your doorstep. That’s why you want to have an open-mind, because what if the universe has something better in store for you?

28. Experiment

Dare to experiment. Embrace failure, because that is how you learn and how you grow. Being awesome means looking ridiculous and making tons of mistakes. Why? Because it helps you become better and provide even more value.

29. Live within your means

Do you really need a car? Do you need a T.V? We can live a lot cheaper when we realize that we do not need a lot of the stuff we think we need. This allows you to work less and have more free time to do what you want.

30. Slow down

Life is busy. Try to be conscious as much as possible. Breathe and slow down. Enjoy the fact that you’re alive. Be grateful for the little things. Be grateful for the big things.

31. Use money as a tool

Money doesn’t have to enslave you. How much money do you really need? How about having enough to do what you want, when you want to do it? Why would anyone need more than that?

32. Dream

Let yourself dream. During my childhood I was told that things can’t be done, but I have come to realize that just the opposite is true, so dream big and ignore the people that don’t know what they’re talking about.

33. Have a kid

I don’t have a kid, yet. But I’ve heard it is a life changing event, especially if you plan it and stay conscious during the whole journey. It will be an interesting experience once I have a kid or ten of my own.

34. Learn a new language

How many times have you heard or even said “I want to learn a new language“? Stop wishing and start doing. Just 10-15 minutes a day will give you results.

35. Be ridiculous

Don’t be afraid of being ridiculous or silly. In other words, just be yourself. We keep hearing that every market is saturated nowadays. Millions of blogs are born all the time. In this day and age you have to stand out. How do you do that? By being ridiculous. By being yourself.

36. Enjoy nature

How long has it been since you took a walk in nature? What about sitting down in the forest and just listening to the wildlife? Be careful if you have bears in your area though, they can easily sneak up on you ;).

37. Self-discipline

Having and exercising discipline comes in handy more often than you think. We all have weak moments in our lives when we are just about to give up.

38. Plan your day

Before you get out of bed, visualize how your perfect day would look like. How do you want that day to go?

39. Excuses

Have you been putting off doing what you love because you’re afraid? It’s time to throw out your core excuses and take action. You will see that the fear and excuses fall away once you realize that they really do not hold as much power as you think.

40. Travel

When I finished school at 18, I spent a few months in Spain, and in 2010, I went there again. I lived there for almost a year. It enhanced my growth and I learned a lot. I enjoy slow traveling, just picking one country, seeing if it’s nice and then staying there.

41. Get a pet

Get a cat, dog, duck, parrot, mouse or even a panda. They’re all awesome. I like animals. Unfortunately, I am allergic to them, but I still find ways to hangout with them without dying. There are a lot of shelter pets that need your help!

42. Clothes

Do you really buy the clothes you want? Or do you buy the clothes you think people like to see? I’m by no means a fashion expert, but I’ve noticed this pattern in myself many times.

43. Backpack

Have you ever traveled with just a backpack? I did this for a month in Thailand. It wasn’t exactly in the form I would have liked, but it was pretty interesting.

44. Couchsurf

Sleep on a couch or share a couch. It’s called couchsurfing. People all around the world are giving strangers a couch to sleep on.

45. Attend a concert

Sure, surround sound sounds awesome, but there’s nothing like attending a concert and hearing music live.

46. Recycle

Everyone is talking about how the earth is dying, but are we actually doing anything about it? Are you recycling and making sure everything ends up in the right place?

47. Re-use

Can you re-use old bottles, bags or anything in your house instead of throwing it out and buying it again?

48. Social media

If you’re not already involved in social media, get involved. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and so on. They are tools to help you connect with the right people. Use them.

49. Blog

Starting a blog doesn’t mean you have to make money. You can start a blog just to have a home on the internet. Share your thoughts and build a community. You might even discover your passion in the process.

50. Talk to a dolphin

I’ve talked to dolphins in my sleep, but never in real life. I just have this feeling. You have to talk to a dolphin at least once in your life. I’m going to do it soon enough, you can quote me on that.

51. Yoda

If yoda you have not seen, then see him you must. I’ve been in love with the whole Star Wars thing ever since I saw the first movie as a child. Granted, I do not dress up as a wookie, but I still enjoy the whole series, because somewhere out there, it actually exists.


52. Relax

Stress is killing all of us slowly. Take time out of your day to relax. Meditate, be mindful, walk, hangout with your loved ones or pet. Take a hot bath or a sauna (I love saunas)!

53. Listen to your body

What is your body telling you? Are you working too hard? Not eating enough nutrient-dense foods? By keeping your body happy, you can keep your mind happy, which will allow you to unleash your creativity.

54. Eat fruits

Fruits are easily digested by the human body. They also contain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, flavonoids and all kinds of nutrients that help keep your body alive. It’s not about surviving, it’s about thriving!

55. Eat vegetables

I don’t like vegetables that much. But I’ve discovered that broccoli soup is quite delicious. I also juice my vegetables with oranges. That way I get my nutrition without it tasting horrible.

56. Drink pure water

The amount of chemicals in our tap water today is frightening. Choose spring water or use a high quality water filtration system to ensure the purest possible drinking water. We are made up out of mostly water, after all.

57. Sleep

Even a little bit of sleep deprivation can alter your mood and cognitive abilities. I know I have to get my 8-9 hours of sleep otherwise I’m not going to feel like myself. I also hear that it promotes healthy skin.

58. Exercise

You and I both know that exercise rocks, it’s just that we tend not to do it that much. When you exercise, your brain releases endorphins, adrenaline, dopamine and serotonin. These are chemicals that work behind the scenes to make you feel good.

59. Build muscle

Gain muscle and start looking better, feeling healthier, and boosting your confidence. Muscle is underrated. There are huge benefits to having more lean muscle mass. The most common myth preventing most people from lifting some weights – or kettlebells – is that they will suddenly become huge. Not true!

60. Eat light meals

Eat meals that satisfy you and nothing more. Eat slowly and listen to your body. I tend to gorge myself, so this is another one I’m integrating into my life. It’s funny because it’s almost as if it is happening naturally.

61. Drink green smoothies

Smoothies are great nutritional bombs that are full of flavor, but green smoothies are even better. You get energy without crashing. You give your body the nutrients it needs without even tasting the vegetables in the smoothie.

62. Stop alcohol

I don’t like alcohol and I don’t enjoy being around people who are drunk. Having a sip of wine or champagne is cool though. Studies show that moderate consumption is O.K and even beneficial.

63. Throw away processed foods

Your body has trouble with processed foods such as sugar, sodas, candy, pasta and practically anything that comes in a box. Eat whole, natural, fresh foods instead and take control of your health.

64. Ride your bike

Do you even have one? I love riding those really old bikes that are made for old people. They are super comfortable and so simple with one gear.

65. Take the stairs

Are you in love with the elevator? Skip it next time and run up the stairs. Why? Because it’s harder and therefore infinitely more awesome.

66. Grow your own food

The ideal choice would be to grow all of your own food, but for most people that just isn’t possible. You can still grow indoors if you want, but that takes resources and space. Growing your own food will give you access to fresh produce that is extremely high in enzymes and nutrients.

67. Eat sprouts

Sprouts are awesome and extremely easy to make. The only thing you need are dry seeds, water and a bag. There are a lot of resources out there that show you how to sprout seeds, so check them out.

68. Try martial arts

Martial arts aren’t for everyone, but if you can find something you like, it can uplift your spirit and give you an outlet for your creativity, while keeping you fit and looking good.

69. Try yoga

Yoga is an ancient practice that connects the mind, body and spirit. It helps with blood pressure, circulation, balance, body awareness, core strength and mood, just to throw a few benefits out there.

70. Lift weights

Many have the notion that if they lift weights, they’ll wake up the next morning looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger. It’s a nice myth. Weight lifting is beneficial, but can become boring if you don’t throw some variation in there.

71. Detoxify

The food we eat, air we breathe and water we drink is filled with pollutants, chemicals and toxins. Cleansing and going through a herbal detoxification regimen can help your body eliminate these toxins and improve your health.

72. Massage

Get a massage and give a massage. Getting a massage will help you release tension, relax and be a little bit more of who you really are. I tried shiatsu a few years ago and it was awesome.

73. Juices

Freshly-squeezed fruit and vegetable juices are nature’s multivitamins. They are digested extremely fast and put minimal strain on your body.

74. Fast

Juice fasting and water fasting have both been proven by people all around the world to improve health and wellbeing. If you’re planning a water fast, you might want to contact someone that knows their stuff, it can get rough.

75. Take an omega-3 supplement

The benefits of fish oi have been proven over and over again. You can eat fatty fish and get your omega-3’s that way, but for those that do not like fish or can’t eat enough, supplementation might be an option.

76. Take a natural multivitamin

The nutrition in our food has been slowly declining over the decades, because of the use of fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and other chemicals. A natural multivitamin will keep your bases covered. And if you want to learn more about how I view health, check out my other site here.


77. Breathe

Remind yourself to breathe deeply through your nose and into your abdomen. Breathe out through your mouth, slowly. This relaxes and releases stress. Focus on your breath and notice your body and mind saying goodbye to tension.

78. Meditate

Taking time off from your busy schedule to meditate. It enhances your brain power, mood and reduces pain sensitivity. Learning how to meditate is easy, so make time for it. No, not someday. Now. Schedule 10 minutes right now and try it.

79. Release the how

We’re always trying to figure out how something is going to happen. Release the how. Our brains aren’t meant to know how things are going to happen. It causes anxiety, worry and other mental problems.

80. Volunteer

Almost every city has somewhere where you can volunteer. Go check it out and try it for one day. You might like it.

81. Be open minded

Don’t judge a book by its cover. Be open to everything, because you never know where it may lead. What if you tried an origami class today where you met someone that will help you 13 years from now? You can never know.

82. Grow

Grow as a human being, a spiritual being and a conscious soul. If you aren’t growing, you’re slowly withering away. There is no middle ground. Always push yourself. Live uncomfortably and evolve, but beware of the harsh truths of personal growth.

83. Be grateful

Write down and think about the positive things in your life. Practice gratitude every night before sleep. It may feel weird, but enjoying the little things you are grateful for will have an impact on you.

84. Make connections

One of the most important things in life is making connections. My life has significantly shifted towards making more connections and giving value, from just being someone who does something for money. This has had a huge impact on my life.

85. Accept

Do you constantly want to change they way things are? What if you had done that one thing differently in the past? Stop it. You’re putting yourself in mental hell. Accept what is. Ironically, that is the first step to change.

86. Forgive

Forgive yourself and others. It will take a huge load off your back. You don’t have to hold grudges against anyone. You are only causing anguish to yourself.

87. Patience

Nothing happens fast. I learned this the hard way. In the small amount of behind-the-scenes coaching that I’ve done I keep seeing this over and over again. People want to make it online and they want fast results, but the truth is that you have to work hard for 6-12-24 months before anything happens.

88. Create

We all like to do something. We are made to create. Whether it is writing, painting or singing doesn’t matter. Creating gives birth to serenity. When you’re in the flow of creating in a form you enjoy, you will see what I am talking about. My favorite form is writing at the moment.

89. Say hi

Just saying hi and shooting a smile at people you pass on the street can have a huge impact on their day, and in your own life. Spreading the joy feels good.

90. Hug

What about taking it to the next level and hugging people on the street? Start your own free hugs campaign. That video is awesome.

91. Be aware of your beliefs

Your beliefs control what you see, what you believe and where you’re heading. If you don’t believe that you’re awesome, then you won’t accomplish awesome things.

92. Thank as many people as you can

Go out of your way to thank as many people as you can. If you have a blog, thank your visitors in any way you can. Give them free stuff. Send them personal e-mails. Help them out.

93. Intuition

Take chances. Don’t be afraid to trust your intuition. For me, intuition is that feeling I get in my heart. I feel drawn to something and it feels good. It’s not correct 100% of the time (because I misinterpret), but it’s fun following it and seeing what happens.

94. Learn to say no

Saying no is liberating and powerful. You do not have to accept every request that your friends or loved ones make. You control your time. If you’re afraid that your friends will un-like you for not doing stuff, then they aren’t really your friends.

95. Release labels

When we look at someone we automatically put a label on them and often we’re wrong. Think about all those times you analyzed someone and thought you were right. When you met them and talked to them you realized how wrong you were.

96. Imagine

Imagine how you would like to be. Confident, charismatic, funny and whatever else you fancy. Now think of how that version of you acts and lives their everyday life. Then imitate them.

97. Be present

There’s no need to dwell on the past or the future. Take your awareness and plant it in the now. Be aware of your body, thoughts and feelings. Just observe them and allow them to be.

98. Embrace Imperfection

We have to be perfect. Never fail. Failure was frowned upon when I was a kid, so I grew up thinking I had to be perfect. Took me a long time to realize that it wasn’t necessarily so. It’s okay to be imperfect. It’s human.

99. Ask for help

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you have trouble, reach out to someone and ask for their assistance. We can’t always do things on our own.

100. Respect others

Show people respect. This is a big one. I wasn’t good at showing others respect just a few years ago. I’m learning though and doing my best.

101. Trust

Trust others. There are a lot of good people out there that will help you. I’m not saying you should trust anyone blindly though. But I think you know what I mean.

102. Release negative people

You don’t have to hang around negative people, you know? They are there to teach you that. Let them go and say good bye.

103. Listen to others

Listen to what people have to say. Don’t you feel appreciated when someone has 100% of their attention on you? Do the same.

104. There is no spoon

You create your reality. Realize that you have the power to create what you want. If you don’t agree then you have a few beliefs to let go of.

105. Ego

The ego has its tasks, but it has taken the population of Earth hostage. You can free yourself by breathing and allowing it to be as it is.

106. Release negativity

There are a lot of good tools to release negative emotions, beliefs and thoughts. Two of my favorites are Emotional Freedom Technique and the Sedona Method.

107. Use NLP

Ever heard of Neuro-Linguistic Programming? It’s a powerful tool that shows you how your mind works. Think of it as the user’s manual for the human brain.


108. Journal

Writing down your thoughts will help you gain clarity. Since I started writing my decision-making has been sharper and more awesome. By journaling you can learn more about yourself and therefore improve your life and at the same time affect those around you in a positive way.

109. Simplify your life

Throw out superfluous goals, things and stuff in general. External purging affects your internal state. Don’t you just feel better when you give or even throw old stuff away? I know I do. You do too, you just can’t admit it, can you? Simplify your life.

110. Have goals

Write down your goals. They don’t have to be incredibly meticulous. Just having them in writing gives them more power. You’ve heard the stories, someone writes down a goal and forgets about it, then they find it 10 years later and you know the story :D.

111. Read

Reading teaches you things. Secret things. Did you know that most people don’t read? That means you’ll know many secrets that they don’t, just by reading books. Two of my favorite books are the Power of Now and Way of the Peaceful Warrior.

112. Throw out your  T.V

How much time do you spend watching T.V? I haven’t watched television regularly for a very long time. It frees up amazing amounts of time. If you watch 2 hours a day, that’s 730 hours per year, or 4.34 weeks per year. It’s time to kill your T.V.

113. Stop reading the news

How often have you felt happy after reading the news? It’s filled with propaganda, manipulated stories and bombs. Why read it? It doesn’t do you any good.

114. Don’t multitask

I used to be a big multi-tasker, but I realized that it didn’t work for me, and it probably doesn’t for you either. Pick one thing, eliminate distractions, and focus. It’s the only way to unleash your inner genius.

115. Enjoy music

I tend to only listen to music while I do other things. One day I put on music and sat with my eyes closed. It was as if another world had opened up. Everything seemed different.

116. Turn off your phone

I’ve had my phone turned off a lot. I’ve even stopped answering the phone when it rings. I guess that’s one of the reasons why people don’t call me anymore. But on a more serious note, it’s relaxing :D.

117. Turn off your IM

Did you think I was going to let you have your Instant Messenger on? Shut it down! In fact, I’m going to shut mine off right now. There, it’s done. Try it.

118. Learn your values

What are your true values in life? Do you value integrity? Honesty? What about love? How about money? Which one is #1?

119. Prioritize

People say they don’t have time, when in reality they’re saying they lack priorities. If you don’t have time to follow your passion, you don’t really care about feeling fulfilled and awesome. Learn how to eliminate and discriminate.

120. Keep it simple

Keep things as simple as necessary, but no simpler.

121. Death

Remind yourself that you are going to die. This will melt away any obstacles that are preventing you from living your life to the fullest. Go after your dreams and learn to live a passionate life.

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  1. Hi Henri,

    “Follow your heart and do what feels right for you, because that’s living. Everything else is dying.” this may be one of the most profound things I have ever read.

    Thank you

    • Thanks for commenting, Quinn! It’s weird how that sentence just came out of me. Getting out of your way and just writing accomplishes a lot of things.

  2. I’m going to tidy up my work space right now. Clutter drives me crazy and every once in a while I just have to spring clean.

    Turn off my phone… Ugh… It’s my life line.

  3. Henri, what an incredible teacher you are.

    I have so many favourites in your list which I practise and if I had to choose it would be BE PRESENT – sure it takes work – when you’re present though, amazing things happen; & STOP READING THE NEWS – no one needs that negativity drivel anyway.

    Excellent post my man!

    • Thanks a lot, Catherine. I am humbled by your words. And I also agree completely that when you can stay present, things just seem to flow. It isn’t always easy, but it’s worth getting better at.

  4. Hi Henri,
    What a tremendously detailed post. This could’ve been a month’s worth of posts but you chose to do it all in one as a pillar post. I particularly like Stop reading the news. I agree! They should call it Bad News instead of News because they tend to focus on the bad things in life. Fantastic job!


    • I really appreciate you stopping by, thanks, Bob! Yup the news is nothing but bad news all the time. As for the post, I just felt like writing a huge one. You’ll see plenty of short ones from me in the future… I think :D.

  5. Great list of ideas. I think if people even did 1/10 of what you have shared here, their lives would improve.

    • I completely agree. It would be cool if everyone made a list like this. I’m sure people would come up with a lot of things that I didn’t even mention here. Thanks for stopping by Srini. It means a lot!

  6. Armen Shirvanian says:

    Hi Henri.

    I was only looking for 120 ways so this article is obviously not for me. I will take a look anyway. There is good all over this set. Saying hi sure can have a huge impact on the days of others, as we never know if that is the big thing for them at that time, as it may be big for us at some time.

    Going with the flow is right. I have done it at times, and when I do, I am unstoppable, or indomitable, as some would say. Being around awesome people is the win, because they don’t hold us back, and that makes for a big difference. Some do, and some don’t.

    Cool set here.

    • Damn, I guess 121 was over the top. The flow can be a powerful place to be. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Armen!

  7. Thank you for your insight. What a way to improve and jump-start a life.

  8. Oscar - freestyle mind says:

    Hey Henri,

    What an impressive list! It took me a while to read it 😀 Congrats and thanks for sharing.


  9. Hey Henri

    Great list and post. Would make a great bucket list for anyone to pursue. Keep up the good work 🙂

  10. I admit that I have not yet read all of these yet however I have gotten to the Health part. Wonderful stuff here and I love reading this kind of stuff. I also just started following you on twitter and even twittered about this article. Thought I’d let you know.

    • Thanks for spreading the love. I really appreciate it and am glad you liked the post. Keep rocking!

  11. Henri you LEGEND!!!

    firstly, your site is explosively smoldering and dipped in insight. super slick design and content that hasn’t been recycled too many times.

    And as for this article… well. Supremo respect. I generally don’t write “list” posts and seldom read ’em but there are some pieces here that need to be bitten in gulps and swallowed whole. Interested to hear how you came up with the 121.

    #1 is super money. Caring, to me, is a byproduct of living in the flow of life. Completely melting into reality and having that sense of openness and oneness towards others will make your overall being open and connected to life which makes your negativity dissolve and obviously makes you more awesome.

    #2 is also MASSIVE. More than the gypsy insence “the secret” thing, giving value takes your mind off lack and makes you feel abundance which means you stop limiting yourself and feeling like there isn’t enough to make productive business decisions and other positive steps in your life. bleh yuck.

    #13 is summen i’m SUPER big on. Interesting to read your elaboration on it where you say you’re a bit of an introvert. What if that part of you that calls itself an “introvert” isn’t just a collection of conditioned beliefs that you’ve picked up and been given from your upbringing. I mean, growing up, if your parents got you socialising with hot little preschool girls and you went to a hearty school in the suburbs and went to barbecues and played the main sport of the school with everybody then you’ll naturally be sociable. Introverted is just some bullshit label that you decided to make real. To some degree, i also like being alone rather than hanging with some people but mainly because not many people keep me interested and mentally stimulated but that’s more a problem of not hanging out with other awesome people. kowabunga!

    #41 startled me. serious. startled. dude, i don’t care if you’re scandanavian and just don’t know better, or maybe you were joking, but you can’t recommend people get a panda in order to become awesome. next thing some guy takes your advice literally, and systematically goes out to achieve all 121 things on this list, and boom, allovasudden CNN Breaking News Panda Gets Pandanapped from Zoo. They are kinda cuddly though.

    Liked the spiritual section the most. wasn’t overly diluted nor was it overly garnished. Plus seems like we have similar approaches to life. I’m also very into sedona method and EFT. One of my best mates swears by EFT and has used it to graduate top of his class doing the most difficult degree at university only to retire at 24 to travel the world and live the life. Sedona Inner Circle is magic. Drop me an email, would dig to hear what your experience with EFT has been like cos i’ve just gotten into it recently.

    You also seem like you might be RSD? Got a workshop with Alex tonight. fvckn excited.

    awwwwsomeness all-round mate.

    keep well and in touch.
    alex – unleashreality.com

    • Alex, comment extraordinaire, it’s nice to have you stop by with your stealthy space ship. I completely agree on the introvert thing. It is what you make it and if awesome people keep me interested then of course I’ll suddenly become an extrovert. Excellent point!

      #41 is a point only meant for the most craziest of people. A panda as a pet is the highest honor life could bestow upon you. Panda’s are great at life and when you are alone with them they tell you secrets.

  12. Hi Henri. I really like this article. You went beyond the ordinary by providing more than a hundred tips on how to improve our lives. What I liked a lot about them especially is that it builds good character, and I can kind of see that from you in your writing. Thanks for this article. 🙂

    • Thanks for the compliments and sharing your thoughts. Yeah I figured I had to be just a little bit better than everyone else and shoot for 100+ tips 😉

  13. What a great post! I love allll of the amazing ideas here! What a perfect way to get ready to start a new year, reading all of these great suggestions. Thanks, Henri!

    • Thanks a lot, Dani! Applying all of these would probably have a big impact on your life, so it might be a pretty good start on the new year.

  14. Nice post, thanks for sharing your thoughts/suggestions and just in time for the new year. Brenda

  15. Great collection of thoughts. One of the great powers of the web is finding like-minded individuals. Looking forward to more of you!

    • The ability to find like-minded people on the internet, especially through blogging is pretty amazing. That is something I’ve discovered in the time I’ve been blogging. Thanks for stopping by, Jeffrey!

  16. I love to get a pet too. Hope to have my own house and a few dogs that do not bark.

    • Dogs that don’t bark? Let me know when you find one of those 😀

      • First, another world-class post, Henri! Thanks for giving us all some great mind-food to digest.

        Second, I can turn you on to a great barkless dog: The Basenji. They’re wonderful pets, but you gotta have a pair – they don’t do well solo.

        Keep rockin’ it, Henri – you’re an inspiration.

  17. This is a great list. I keep coming back and having a new one stand out. Great work 😀


  18. Great list – lots I do and lots I will now try! I am going to learn how to bookmark today and save this. 🙂

  19. I like this post. I had just finished my own list of “100 reasons to be happy” before finding your blog and this post. 🙂 Keep on doing the good job, Henri!

  20. Wow this is probably one of the most thorough posts I’ve ever seen. I’m sure you took a LOT of time to put this together. Two things that stand out for me the most, Care about people, and Live within your means.

    Great Post!

  21. Great post Henri.

    I really appreciate your site. It’s wonderful!

    I have been making a conscious effort to implement a lot of these points in my own life – especially being present and excerising patience. It’s not always easy, but I’m slowly learning that is about the JOURNEY, not just the end.

    Thank you and keep up the good work!

  22. Monica Ly says:

    Thank you for posting this. Really appreciate it!
    My goal is to ponder on one a day, for each remaining day of this year.

    I love how you’ve made them all short and sweet.

  23. i want to print this out and put it up everywhere. wonderful reminders.

  24. margaret beresford says:

    I enjoyed most of your simple generalizations, may I say many are straight out of the 60’s. But one motto is missing,” ignorance is not bliss”. Far too many people just don’t or can’t grasp the complexity that is this global world we now find ourselves living in. That is really difficult given that a lot of things flow, such as information, but very little is allowed that is contrary to some government’s comfort zone. Since the 70’s most North Americans have simple allowed the American media to tell them everything they need to know about other countries, especially the countries they see as adversarial. Ms. Clinton has just recently had to admit that Aljazeera English maybe hated and banned but its doing a better job of journalism than the US media is, (” like it, or hate it, it is real news”). Please don’t encourage people not to get as many varied and competent opinions as possible. This may include keeping their TV’s.

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