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How to Find Your Path in Life

Find Your Path in LifeFinding your path is not an act of searching.

It is an act of allowing.

When you let go of what you think should be, you allow what is meant to be.

While this may sound trite, it is simply the act of following your heart moment by moment.

Your purpose is already built into your being.

When you follow your heart, your inner GPS, you are nudged in the right direction.

Because what finding your path comes down to is living life to the fullest.

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The Truth About Standing Out in Your Market or Niche

Stand Out in Your Market or NicheHaving trouble discovering what makes you unique?

There seems to be so many people doing what you want to do.

You don’t want to drown in a sea of sameness, so you do nothing.

You never start.

But doing nothing is not the answer. You know that.

Deep down you know what needs to be done. But you’re held back by what ifs.

So let’s get you unstuck, shall we?

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Why Doing Work You Love Takes Time

Doing Work You Love Takes Time

You’re doing your best. You’ve put in the work. You’re trying to figure this following your passion stuff out. But things aren’t going according to plan. You look at everyone else, and they seem to be farther along. Then you start to [Click to continue reading …]

Action-Based Learning (or How to Succeed at Anything)

Action-Based Learning is Like Play

When you want to do something new, your first instinct is to learn everything about it. You want to make sure you know enough. And when you do know enough, you're ready to start. The problem is that you often don't know when enough is [Click to continue reading …]

When You Feel Like a Fraud

Theater Mask - Feeling Like a Fraud?

We've all been there. You feel like you're putting on a show. You're afraid that someone will see through your mask. You're scared of being humiliated. The story goes on and on. It's excruciating. I know, because I've been there. [Click to continue reading …]

Here's How You Can Turn Your Passion into a Thriving Business

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